Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

The Deen is indeed perfect thus true Muslims will never have any intentions to trade it with gold. It is our duty to spread the words of Allah und to practice Islam as a whole. Islam the way of life und to Allah we submit.

Excuse my poor photography skills.
Dalam gambar nampak Kaabah macam jauh dari mata
tapi sebenarnya lebih dekat dari ini.

  • Alhamdulillah, despite the extremely hot weather, we managed to perform Umrah without any interruptions. 
  • Und it is difficult for me to find exact words to describe Masjidil Haram und Masjidil Nabawi. I leave it to you lot (the muslims) to experience it yourselves =) May Allah grant our hopes und prayers to reach Tanah Haram. 
  • I will not und refuse to share with you lot the non-typical but positive experience I had during that particular 13 days. Mama told me to just keep them to myself und I can see her point why. 
  • If not everyone will be comparing whether they experience this or that und one might thinks that his/her Umrah oder visit is not a special one even though every Umrah und visit is indeed special.
Sekeliling Mekah.

  • I was unwell throughout my whole stay in Saudi Arabia. Well, not that I'm any better now. I guess my body is just too weak to respond und adapt to the drastic change of climate. It seems that The Sale will be closed for another week eyh.
  • On one of the Saturdays, mama und I managed to have iftar with Aunt Yan in Masjidil Haram.  Not just with her, I even had the opportunity to make new friends. Due to Aunt Yan's invitation, I got to know Adik Sayang, Farina, Fatema und Aunt Hani. 
  • All of us brought along some food to be distributed to the other ladies in the Masjid. Such fun experience where there were ladies who literally pulled my hijab, asking for more food =) How I wish I had brought along a jet of nourishment. 
The younger generation: Fatema (Turkish), Farina, yours truly und Adik Sayang (not her real name).

The 'slightly' elder generation: Aunt Yan, Aunt Hani und mama.

  • As others, we started of with eating a few dates (sunah 3 biji kata mutawwif) and of course, small plastic cups of Zam Zam water und some ice lemon tea, not forgetting orange juice. Then we joined the jemaah for Maghrib prayer plus solat jenazah too (every waktu ada solat jenazah). Once we're done performing Maghrib prayer, we gathered closely und enjoyed luscious food together. 
  • Aunt Yan brought samosas und her famous white dip (alright I forgot what it is called =p). Oh and not forgetting her laban mixed with mountain dew drink. Weehoo~
  • We had a very long chat like nobody's business. Before I went to meet the ladies, I teased my mom on how awkward it is to be in a group of TKC ladies. Mama was very upset since she thought that I was deadly serious. Well, my fragile mama still thinks so. To mama, semua pasal TKC ladies tu jangan ambil serious sangat. Relax. Gurau-gurau aje. Semua school pun samaaa...
  • About an hour after that, we performed Isya' und Tarawikh prayers together. My nights in Mekah seemed so short. Lepas satu satu tapi puas =) Alhamdulillah.
  • After Tarawikh, I went back to the hotel alone as the other ladies were long gone due to other commitments. I wanted to stop by for ayam golek aber there were sooo many people in that particular restaurant nearby our hotel =D
  • Ye la, lepas tarawikh sambil basah lencun, of course perut lapar . . . hehe. Teringat dekat Mr. Josey who is now away due to work commitment. My elder brother is the best partner untuk makan-makan =)

Dates dates und dates.
Wakaf food for iftar in Masjidil Haram. Same goes to Masjidil Nabawi.
Nyum nyum.
Small stones aber sedapppp =D
These are chocolates packed for us by Aunt Yan.
Thank you. Almira said, "Batu" und she only ate the pink ones. Huhu.
  •  I've traveled around the world und I can assure you that there's nothing like Mekah AlMukaramah und Madinah AlMunawarah. 
  1. People rush to the Masjids to perform solat. 
  2. Shops are closed during solat. 
  3. People quarrel to have a place to sujud in the Masjids. 
  4. People don't mind performing solat on the road to join the jemaah. 
  5. People don't mind performing solat on stairs to join the jemaah. 
  6. People recite Al-Quran every second. 
  7. und this list goes on....
  • Now I know why those who have migrated to Mekah do not want to come back to their homeland. 
  • Everyone looks the same. I admit that I couldn't tell which person is rich und which one is not. We all look equally humble und modest. How I wish we are just like that in Malaysia.
  • Whatever it is, lets together pray for Istiqamah. 
  • I guess that is the most difficult bit...

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