Breaking The Traditions

Assalamualaikum w.b.t. 

Instead of hoping the next generation (children und children in law) to experience your hardship, why not pray to Allah s.w.t. so that He ease their journey in becoming true khalifah(s). Allah has His plans which your children/children in law might not need to catch the 5:00am bus to go to work just like what you had to go through when you were young. So chill und relax, stop expressing your negative thoughts as they might drive your children/children in law away from you. When they refuse to look you into the eyes to speak, und when they only give you short answers, then there is definitely a problem. A problem that you CHOOSE to create und the actions your children CHOOSE to take.  

Remember ladies, we have brains to think. Use our akal to defy negative traditions.
For example: Pepatah Melayu "Tempat seorang isteri di dapur."
Hak tuih! =D 

  • Malay Muslims are mould such that most of us have to do what our parents und ancestors did in the past. If we don't do as what the elderly expect us to do, then the question of berkat (barakah) will rise.
  • We are mould to listen to the elderly more than to listen to Allah s.w.t. und follow Sunnah. 
  • How now brown cow?

  • I will talk about this more in my next entry inshaAllah. As for now, kita sama-sama fikir traditions apa yang tak molek untuk kita contohi dan traditions mana yang cantik untuk kita practice.  


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