If Only She Knows . . .

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Conversation with my DEAREST over the phone,
Almira : Aunty Ayla datang sini?
Ayla    : Tak lah Almira. Aunty memang niat nak datang tapi aunty tiba-tiba sakit perut.
Almira : Kenapa aunty sakit perut?
Ayla    : Aunty pun tak tahu lah.
Almira : Aunty makan apa sampai sakit perut?
Ayla    : Ermm...Aunty tak tahu. Semalam aunty makan mee kot.
Almira: Mee...

  • She knows what we consume links to our digestion system. I didn't expect her to ask me what food caused me to have a stomach ache, but she did. 
  • Allahu ya Rabb, if only she knows what her aunt is going through at the moment, we all will be surprised over the mature questions she'll ask. 

He pow his sister's Soy Bean drink.
The lovable Amir Albanna.
  • I went to see the kids yesterday. As usual, I drove alone, all by myself as everyone was at their respective offices. Managed to have about 4.5 hours with the kids. Alhamdulillah. 
  • I arrived und parked the car right in front of the gate. A second after they heard the sound of the engine, they jumped und screamed happily. Both of them dashed to the car porch soon after their nanny unlocked their house grille.
  • Looking at their warm actions, simply beyond words. I love them dearly. 
  • To their abah (Mr.Josey) und Uncle Azeem, below is a video of the two modern kids playing with a laundry basket as if there are no other toys to play with under the sun. 
  • Oh and please take note of the school bus honking. A modern school bus honks a tune =D  

  • Funny school bus eyh!


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