It Is Not Her Fault

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Whenever a marriage is on the rock, the one who is normally accused to cause such nonsense is the wife. "Yeah you. You work til late and has no time for your husband. You should welcome him home but not the other way around." oder, "You are a housewife. A housewife has different aura, not as great as those who work. Furthermore, since you are at home, your husband care about you less because he knows that you are safe." Allahu ya Rabb. Have we no concern about the wives of our prophet Rasulullah s.a.w.? Khadijah (successful business lady) und Aisyah (stay at home wife) were two different people, different characters aber not even once Rasulullah s.a.w. complained about the state of his wives und decided to treat them badly...

Tok Mama with her grandchildren.
Thank you mama for everything. 

  • We are living in a community that likes to pass judgements und make comments about others, publicly. This happens when we fail to practice Islam as a whole. 
  • Without considering the feelings of others, we tend to make negative comments as if there is no tomorrow. Why oh why? Like we don't have anything else better to do?
  • Well some of us have the feeling of; "Hey what ever I say is true. So listen to me." Especially when it comes to 'contributing opinions' about others' marriage lives. 
... And whosoever fears Allah and keeps his duty to Him, He will make his matter easy for him. - Quran 65:4
  • I am myself, a wife to a very young man. I may have only been married for 3 years und 26 days aber I may have more experience than those of you who have been married for 30 years und 260 days. 
  • I believe that not everyone goes through same situation und experience in their marriage while obstacles are meant to strengthen our Iman. 
  • Reading und listening to comments made towards wives are just too hurtful. I am a stay at home wife und at the same time, I'm managing The Sale with the help of lovely part time workers. 
  • For someone to say that stay at home wives are not as intelligent as those who go out to work, please come und see me to receive a nice 5 finger prints on your thick cheek. I'll make sure that the prints will last for eternity =)
  • True story; 
I knew a lady who works at a known private company (yes she mingles around with the executives supposedly with brains) who doesn't know what a house floor plan is. Not just that, she doesn't even know her limit when it comes to socializing. Not to mention that she couldn't decide whether to wear sarong or pants before reaching a beach und had to ask a married man (who happened to be so immature) for his opinion whereas she could have just asked her girlfriends.  

  • So how now brown cow? How do you explain that? All working ladies intelligent? All housewives dumb?
Oh Allah, please give me more chances to be in Tanah Haram.

  • Allahu ya Rabb. Lets together stop stereotyping. Even though we are university graduates, we might end up being the stupidest people in the world due to arrogance und ungratefulness. 
  • Whatever we do, the reason must not be other than Allah s.w.t.  
  • When one treats his wife so kindly, it is because he knows his responsibility towards Allah s.w.t. which, he has been given the Amanat to care und love her for eternity. 
  • When one treats her husband so dearly, it is because she knows her responsibility towards Allah s.w.t. which, she has to be grateful due to the opportunity being guided by her Imam. 
  • Yes, there is no a perfect person in this world. Aber we should not use that as an excuse whenever we do wrong. 
  • It is our choice to commit sin und we are held responsible towards our own decision. 
  • May Allah s.w.t. protect us from His hell fire. 
And Allah has set forth an example for those who believe: the wife of Firaun, when she said: 'My Lord! Build for me a home with You in Paradise, and save me from Firaun and his work, and save me from the people who are Zalimun [polytheists, wrongdoers and disbelievers in Allah]. - Quran 66:11


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