Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

No one else is able to heal this particular wound. Only Allah Azzawajalla, the most Merciful has the power to do so. As for now, please let me continue borrowing this mask of Yours...

  • There are times when I miss the phenomenal moments I had with my loved ones.
  • The times when I was at my best, I guess. 
  • The times when I didn't need to borrow Your mask. I am just Your average servant who always forget und do wrong. 
  • Not that I am forlorn at the moment, I'm truly grateful for this life of mine. The loves, the calamities, und such.
  • But there is something missing within me, und I'm sure I know that it is missing... aber for how long?
Yours truly with the gorgeous mom of one adorable son, Ali.
I love you Yo. 

  • for how long? 
  • be patient Ayla.
  • will it come back?
  • be patient Ayla. 
  • when will it come back?
  • be patient Ayla.
  • for how long?
  • wallahua'lam...

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