Mint And Parsley

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Many of us do not know how to differentiate between a complaint and a statement. A negative fact that is shared to public does not mean it is a complaint. The purpose is to create awareness. Yes, even though we live in the same country, I believe that we don't read the same newspaper and watch the same channel . . .

Captured this yesterday while I was in Kajang, visiting Syahmi's aunt.
The government you chose is giving out license to this type of business.
How now brown cow? So am I complaining or making a statement? ;-)

  • As usual, Almira asked her nanny to give me a call whenever she wants to speak to me.
Ayla : Assalamualaikum Iya.
Almira: Wakumsalam. Halo! 
Ayla : Hello Almira. Macam gangster lah Iya ni.
Almira: Ni Iya lah bukan gangster. Apa lah aunty Ayla ni . . .
  • The three year-old girl cannot stand repetitive question und would raise her voice if one forces her to repeat lines. I guess she does not have as much patience as her brother, Amir Albanna. 
  • Whenever Amir fights for a toy with Almira, he will be the one to let go of the toy leaving his sister playing with it. 
  • Since Amir still can't speak other than making noises such as "Huh", "Hah" and "Goal", he never screams at his sister. Aber Almira makes comments such as, "Sibuk lah Amir ni." oder "No! adik Amir..." oder "Argghhh!"
  • Siblings, despite the quarrels und arguements, they still love and care for each other. 
  • Oh life =)
Jangan disangka air tenang tiada buaya.
Jangan disangka pula baby boy tidak main shopping2 and masak2 =D
Eh your kakak no shout shout one ka Amir? Haha. 

Almira with a few of her stuffed toys.
Before this photo was taken, Amir Albanna was holding two stuffed toys
aber Almira Alhassan Alayoubi didn't let him play with them.
Haiyo kakak lokek ....

  • I asked Syahmi yesterday, "Why BN-UMNO tak memperkasakan agama Islam? Then they don't need to fight with PAS." 
  • Bukan sekadar the never ending debate about Hudud. 'Nak buat ke tak nak, nak buat ke tak nak? Nak buat tapi sometimes tak nak. Ok lah, kita hold dulu. Sambung discuss after next pilihanraya.' 
  • What about Qisas (Equal Retaliation)?
  • And what about the simplest Zakat? Some of us are so proud that we managed to collect millions of ringgit aber there is always a large amount of balance at the end of each year while the poor still getting poorer. How now brown cow?
  • The fortunate will continue having fresh mint and parsley in their dishes. 
  • I am not a politician und I don't tell you lot what to vote. I never did und will never ask anyone of you to join any particular party. It is all up to you.
  • I will only ask you lot to vote the ones who sincerely work according to syariat Islam. 
  • Islam is easy und straightforward. We are the ones who always make it difficult. For example:
Seorang isteri terpegang tangan suaminya yang masih ada wudhu': "Eh kau ni Asmah, batal air smayang aku!" jawab isterinya, "Maaflah bang! Bukan sengaja. Daripada jerit baik pergi je bilik air ambil wudhu' balik."

  • Kecoh satu taman bila disangkanya batal wudhu'. 
Authentic hadith narrated by `A’ishah (may Allah be pleased with her) she states: "The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) used to pray for long hours at night in their apartment, and that she used to sleep in front of him. Because the room was small, when the Prophet used to make sajdah (prostration) he would tap her calf with his hand and she would retract her legs so he could make sajdah. And when he stood up she would allow her feet to return to their original position.” (Reported by Al-Bukhari) 
Another hadith narrated by `A’ishah (may Allah be pleased with her) as recorded in the Musnad of Imam Ahmad states that the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) used to kiss `A’ishah (may Allah be pleased with her) and then go to pray at the masjid without renewing his ablution. 
  • So chill lah. Kalau ya pun ikut mazhab Imam Syafie, tak usah lah nak jerit jerit dekat pasangan masing-masing. Ni siap guna "kau""aku". Perkara yang mudah, di besar-besarkan sampai hilang kasih sayang pada waktu itu. Allahu ya Rabb. 
  • Dr. Asri (MAZA) used to visit us (uni. students) in Southampton. I remembered he shared something about listening und following Sunnah. Whatever that comes from Rasulullah s.a.w. is way better than the sayings of others. 

Somebody is really pissed off.
I pray to Allah s.w.t. so that whoever you are will be
punished accordingly. Referring to my previous post : Rocket Science.

  • In Islam, we have the right to speak und express concerns.
  • In Islam, we are encouraged to gather und discuss issues. 
  • In Islam, we are asked to respect one another despite social status. 
  • In Islam, we have the right to fight for justice. 
  • In Islam, we are not allowed to belittle others.
  • Lets together be grateful while still working hard for a better life and community.
  • inshaAllah.
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