Rain Does Not Wash Away The Pain

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Oh Allah Azzawajalla,
     You are the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate. The rain itself has no power in taking the pain away aber with Your will, everything is possible. Ya Rabb, I may have forgotten You aber thank you for being with me at all times. Ya Rabb, I may not do a single wrong these days aber You still send multiple tests to me, from as small as an atom to as big as Your biggest creation. It is alright. I take it as a sign that You still love me. Your love is incomparable; no one else loves me as much as You do. 
   Allah the Almighty, the Most Beneficent, You give me oceans to swim und mountains to climb even though You know that I am incapable of swimming und climbing without your consent, guidance und help. Aber...
   ...Ya Rabb, I am drowning in Your ocean und hanging at the edge of Your cliff; I'm about to lose my grips. I do not know how to save myself thus I pray for Your help, Oh Allah please send me a true savior. Guide me; show me what to do as my conscience (a sense of right und wrong) is limited. 
   Allahu ya Rabb, please don't let the skies remain dark. It is indeed too dark for me to be in. I need Your sun to light up my home; as it too, lost its' charm. Please don't let the thunders remain thundering; as there are no arms to wrap me und whisper 'My precious, you are safe with me.' 
   Oh Allah Azzawajalla, again I am asking for it; let me live in your Jannah...

  • May the Doa above helps those who are in despair. 


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