Rindu Lah

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

At the age of 3 years und 4 months, twice a month is not enough for her ... not enough... Please live closer to me so that whenever we miss each other, we can just walk instead of a 35 minutes driving to get to each other. Und when will you be able to drive? Oh another 14 years . . . =)

  • At 10:25 am, I received a missed call from Almira Alhassan Alayoubi's nanny. I tried to call back aber the line was busy. So i resumed working until 12:14pm when my mom gave me a call:
Mama : Your anak sedara is looking for youuu..

  • Allahu ya Rabb, I forgot that I had to ring Almira again. So at around 12:20pm I gave Almira a call:
Ayla : Hello kak.
Nanny : Ha hello Ayla. Ni lah Almira nak cakap ni. 
Almira: Hello aunty Ayla datang la sini... (suara memang super fed up asyik suruh I datang and lazy)
Ayla : Allah ... Sorry Almira aunty tidak dapat datang today. 
Almira : Datang macam aunty datang dulu/aritu tu, time Iya tengah makan tu... (lebih kurang macam ni maksud Almira kot)
Ayla : Ya lah tapi maaf sangat aunty tidak boleh datang today. Almira rindu aunty ke?
Almira : Rinduuu ...
Ayla : Aunty pun. Tadi baru je abah cakap abah pergi kerja. 
Almira : Eh abah memang baru pergi kerja Du---
Ayla : Ya lah tapi dia baru je keluar rumah pergi work. Abah pergi work cari duit untuk Almira kan.
Almira: Ya. 
Ayla: Almira main game ya?
Almira : Ya...
Ayla : Game Mickey Mouse?
Almira : Tak lah. Game lain. Game ada dog, bagi dia makan, ada bottle, ada makan, ada mandi...
Ayla: Ooo. Aunty tidak tahu pun game tu. Adik Amir buat apa?
Almira : Amir tidur (jarang sekali Amir nak tidur.  he is a light sleeper, sama macam Tok Abah dia. dengar bunyi pintu aje boleh bangun.)
Ayla: Almira cakap lah dengan mama suruh datang Su----
Almira : Ok...
Ayla : Macam mana Iya nak cakap dengan mama?
Almira : "Mama jom pergi Su----"
Ayla : Lagi?
Almira: Cakap tu je.
Ayla : Nanti mama cakap apa pula?
Almira : Tak tahu lah. 
Ayla : Haha.

Please look after each other alright.
Be nice to one another.
Your father has been looking after me since the day I was born,
MasyaAllah, Alhamdulillah.
InsyaAllah we will continue doing so as long as we live.
Thank you brother und Azeem too!

  • At the age of 3 years und 4 months, twice a month is not enough for her ... not enough...
  • With Allah's will, I will try to increase the number of visits, before they leave me for another country, another environment. 
  • To my dearest pumpkins, Almira Alhassan Alayoubi und Amir Albanna, insyaAllah aunty Ayla will pay the both of you a visit soon since your uncle Syahmi sudah bagi green light as always! Yeay, alhamdulillah. 

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