Share Your Vision Und Mission

Assalamualaikum w.b.t. 

It doesn't matter where we come from. What matter most is the way we live our lives, heading for Jannah. We should not have time to willingly put ourselves into trouble ie. to utter slander against someone, money laundering oder cheating on our spouse by having an affair with Allah knows who. Indeed there is NO time for us to dilly dally.  

The beautiful ladies busy writing down their experiences
before the sharing session. InshaAllah, may Allah s.w.t. reward all of us with
His Jannah. Lets not give up alright.

  • Alhamdulillah Get Together Al - Fatih organized by the Lovely Life Community went very well yesterday. There were many new comers regardless of their marital status. Alhamdulillah. 
  • I would like to express my warmest gratitude to all who came und especially to the volunteers. I believe that Allah s.w.t. loves the way we work as a team. May we continue working together like Wonderpets do. InshaAllah. 

With one of my sahabat, Ilia Diyana.
Thank you very much for participating dearest.
JazakAllah khayr.

  • One of the questions asked by Puan Mardhiah was, "Mengapa Sultan Al-Fatih dipilih untuk menjadi topik perbincangan dan bukan Ar-Rasul Muhammad S.A.W?" Ini bukan bermaksud kita tidak mencontohi Rasulullah S.A.W.
  • One of the participants shared what was on her mind und said sort of like this, "Kerana Sultan Al-Fatih mempunyai ibu bapa sewaktu pembesaranya dari kecil. Dan kita sebagai parents boleh mempelajari sesuatu daripada ibu bapa Sultan Al-Fatih."
  • Demi Allah s.w.t., yours truly tidak terfikir pun untuk menjawab begitu. Ini yang bagusnya kita gather dan ada sharing session. No matter kita kenal tidak seseorang itu, apa yang baik dia zahirkan, inshaAllah memberi impak kepada kita. 

Almira's red wilted flower und her aunt Ayla's snail.
She came to Tok Mama's on Saturday und we secretly did this
while all other guests were downstairs chit chatting.
  • Yes. The reason why Lovely Life Community held a gathering, Get Together Al-Fatih is because we would like to share the process of being great parents producing wise und phenomenal khalifah(s). 
  • The one easy thing that most parents do not do is to share their vision und mission with their kids. Parents tend to make all decisions for their kids. From what clothes to wear to which University they can pursue their studies. 
  • Apabila mengetahui hadith berikut, Sultan Murad II bersungguh mempersiapkan diri untuk menjadi Raja yang disebut di dalam hadit di bawah:
Sabda Rasulullah s.a.w ketika menggali Parit Khandaq; “Constantinople (kini Istanbul) akan jatuh ke tangan tentera Islam. Rajanya adalah sebaik-baik raja, tenteranya adalah sebaik-baik tentera.” [Hadis riwayat Imam Ahmad]

  • Kemudian datang seorang ulama' kepada Sultan Murad II dan berkata bahawa beliau tidak akan bisa menakluk kota Constantinople akan tetapi anak beliau iaitu Muhammad adalah orang yang disebut di dalam hadith tersebut. 
  • Maka Sultan Murad II mula berkongsi visi dan misi tentang menjadi Raja dan tentera Islam yang hebat untuk menakluki kota Constantinople. Digelar anaknya Muhammad dengan gelaran Al-Fatih, iaitu bermaksud 'Pembuka'. 
  • Sejak umur 8 tahun, Al-Fatih sudah memikirkan dan sayang akan rakyat. Pada umur 16 tahun sudah menguasai ilmu tadbir negara. 
  • Just look at ourselves. What did we do when we were 8 und 16 year-old? 
  • What do we want our children to be when they reach 8 und 16 year-old?
  • If you want to change the way you nurture your kids but you don't know how, inshaAllah our team will be able to help you out. But the most important thing is that, you and your spouse should work together and share the same vision und mission. Well, you do not want your kids to get confuse eyh. 
  • InshaAllah I will announce our next program as soon as possible. 
  • Have a great Monday all. 


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