The Best I've Ever Had

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

To have a loyal wife is a man's dream. To have an almost perfect wife is a bonus. To have a wife who serves only Allah s.w.t. means that Allah Azzawajalla is answering your prayers. One of the best gifts from Allah s.w.t. to you, indeed she's the best you've ever had. So why let the gift slips away?

Yours truly in action.
I managed to paint my bedroom walls years ago und I thought
painting our home is as easy as that. Oh boy I was wrong...
Whenever a wife does something that is not within her duty scope (eg: painting a home),
she gains a lot of pahala for helping her husband.
And a great husband prays to Allah to grant his wife Paradise.
Syahmi oh Syahmi (ikut tone Siu Ling), you dah Doakan I? =D

  • I don't know about you men, why do you want to get married?
  • Do you know that your responsibility increases a split second right after the ijab & qabul?
  • Are you aware that your wife is a splendid gift with abundant goodness to you and it is your duty to guide her to Islam?
  • A question about early marriage was asked by a young man (about the age of 18-19) to Syahmi last week. The question managed to gain other guys' interest. I was there to hear what he had to say aber he decided not to answer, yet. Perhaps he was too shy to answer that in front of his one and only wife, me. 
  • Syahmi has always been the man who tries things out. Sometimes he chooses to do stupid things which I myself fail to figure out why (alah I pun sama buat benda bodoh. haha). He could have advised the young men to experience trial und error. Aber not in marriage... I hope so.
  • I always wonder what he would write about his wife und his married life if he owns a diary oder any other medium to channel his inner thoughts.
 It is He who created you from a single soul, And made its mate of like nature in order that you might dwell with her in love.... - (7:189)

Yours truly sent Walter for a wash.
As a working from home wife, I normally run errands during weekdays all by myself.
 I am not complaining aber just sharing how I manage things.
From sending clothes for dry cleaning to visiting car wash, I prefer to do these chores
during weekdays so that I have the weekend to enjoy with my family.

  • If you think that marriage helps to solve ALL problems then you are wrong. Being married does not mean all of your nafs are well taken care of. You still need to guard your eyes since there are potential women who might come to your attention. 
  • There are times when you will eventually forget about your wife und decide to fulfill your nafs by doing things that you're not allowed to do. 
  • Oder if not so, there are times that you will feel tired of being the Imam 24/7. How you wish you were a follower instead of a leader.  
  • There are times when you will feel insecure being with your wife. The thoughts about her being with someone else will play in your mind. 
  • Doubt kills you from the inside.
     Your wives are a garment for you, and you are a garment for them. - (2:187)

  • There are so many things a man should learn before he decides to build his own family. Make Doa und pray to Allah s.w.t. so that He gives a lady who understands you.
  • Remember, calamities are sent not to make you down aber to make you a stronger husband. What matter most is how you handle things without leaving your beloved wife behind. 
  • =)
My fuel.
I have been consuming habbatus sauda oil from Saudi for a year plus plus.
Alhamdulillah I dah ok dengan the taste. Mula-mula dulu asyik kenyit mata
saja everytime nak telan. Hehe.
  • I'm just outlining the negative/positive attributes of a man who decides to be a husband. I had talked a lot about being a good wife in my previous entries. 
  • Adil =)

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