Kalau Bukan Kerana Allah s.w.t.

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Jika kerana ia bukan dengan izin Allah s.w.t., tidaklah kita dapat menikmati hari-hari bersama orang yang kita sayang, tidak lah dapat kita selesaikan sengketa dan tidaklah kita dapat membuat sesuatu yang kita suka.

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  • Most of my weekends are fully occupied with activities. Sometimes Syahmi und I will leave the house at 8am und only be home at 11pm. Therefore we don't usually have a solid day to do our home.
  • After Syahmi's 3 hours meeting which I happened to be there with him, we went to our friend's wedding in Tanjung Sepat. Alright, since we didn't know where her house is, we depended on Garmin (a navigator). 
  • Allah ya Rabb... due to the Garmin, we had to go through a very long windy road! Haha. Tak sampai 3 minute, kepala I dah pusing-pusing. 
  • Once we reached the main town of Tg. Sepat, Garmin could not find the exact kampung. We had to ask a few people before we finally reached our destination. 
  • Alhamdulillah, journey yang I thought 40 mins tapi sebenarnya 1hr und 30mins jadi sangat worth sebab dapat jumpa pengantin yang sudah lama I tak jumpa sejak April 2011, no?
  • Then after wedding we headed to our old college in Bukit Changgang to visit Syahmi's juniors. I got to meet a friend of mine too. Alhamdulillah. 
  • With this kind of schedule, when are we able to complete refurbishing our unit?
  • Hahaha. Allah knows best. 
ZARA. Available on The Sale.

  • We finally managed to fix our dining chairs on Friday night. Und guess what, mama helped us y'all! Mama und d.i.y. thinggy??? Not in million years~ Haha. Oh well, she finally did something with us =) Bravo ma!
  • The project that the three of us managed to completo!   
The original seat. Pergh. Carik-carik.
So Syahmi decided to fix the seats ourselves instead of spending RM150 for a dining chair.
RM150 x 6 = RM900!
Instead of paying RM900 for 6 new chairs, we only spent approximately RM90
for fabrics, staples und tacker. Alhamdulillah =D

We wrapped the seat with foam for extra comfort.
Supaya duduk nanti tak nak bangun-bangun =)

Tadaa! Alright, please excuse the imperfection.
First timer maa..

Ni cina yang jual perabot di JinJang.
Nama dia Jason, Chua Lee Peng
I asked him to come to our unit saja nak eksyen2 kat dia
that we managed to fix our dining chairs.

Baru vs. lama. Harap ok =D

  • Alhamdulillah. With Allah's will, we managed to do bit by bit. 
  • How's your Monday?


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