Look Me Into The Eyes

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

As far as I remember, I never got caned by my parents. Aber every time I did something wrong, my mom forced me to look into her eyes while she expressed her concerns (in English. oh yes English. somehow it helps since English words are milder than Malay) und followed by a series of punishments eg: no birthday party, read story books for at least 2 hours a day, not allowed to play with friends at the park etc.

I asked mama apa motive emoticons berderet yang dia hantar thru Whatsapp.
Bacalah reply dia. Hahaha =D
Ma oh ma...

  • My mom never did attend any of parenting skills. Aber alhamdulillah she is not the average Malay mom who determines every single thing for her children. She doesn't scold us in public, she doesn't humiliate us in public und she respects her children accordingly.
  • Up until now she doesn't bebel-bebel. Once she's done letting everything out of her chest while we are seated on chairs in front of her, she'll remain silent und clean the house. Yes, she'll definitely clean the house whenever she's angry. Not really clean the house, aber she'll shift stuffs from one place to another. Haha =D
  • I was never showered with Barbies, pink skirts, oder glitz und glamors. I was sent to music class on every Sunday und discovered other things by myself oder with brothers during weekdays. 
  • We kind of trust each other. Whenever I needed to ask permission from her, I tak pernah rasa takut sebab I know that my mom akan cool. Since she trusts me, then why should I betray her right? :
Ayla : Ma, may I go out to ----- with ---,--- and --- this Saturday for a movie?
Mama: Walk? Ok, be back by 5pm.
  • Of course by 5pm I dah ada dekat rumah y'all. Those who know me, pasti akan tahu macam mana yours truly dengan waktu. Hehe.
  • Agaknya kalau mama bangsa conservative:

Ayla : Ma, may I go out to ----- with ---,--- and --- this Saturday for a movie?
Mama: Buat ape nak keluar? Tak ada faedahnye. Panas-panas nak jalan kaki. Cuti-cuti ni buatlah study ke, baca buku ke. Exam nak dekat dah ni. 

Mama yang selalu support anak-anak untuk buat benda yang kami suka
selagi tak melanggar syariat Islam.
She welcomes me and Syahmi untuk keluar masuk her house
pergi program and sometimes buat program at her home.
Allah ya Rabb. Bless her.

  • Alhamdulillah. Thank you ma for being so understanding despite the way you merajuk. Haha. 
  • When I was doing my degree in England, I always watched this show on tv about a nanny who comes over to a family home, trying to 'fix' naughty kids. 
  • What I learnt from that show is, adults should practice eye level communication. Best to speak to children at eye level and let them look us into the eyes. The chances of kids taking us seriously will be higher than by talking to them when they are actually staring at our thighs. 
  • So yeah, alhamdulillah. I've been doing that to Almira since the first day I met her. InsyaAllah will continue doing so even to Amir Albanna. 
  • The result (sort of macam ni):
Ayla : Almira, you stay here and watch Mickey ok. Aunty nak pergi toilet. (eye level. eye level. important! =) )
Almira: Ok. Aunty pergi toilet ok. 
(oleh kerana perut berhenti meragam, seminit lepas tu I keluar dari toilet.)
Almira : Aunty Ayla buat apa tadi?
Ayla: Aunty sakit perut...pupu...
Almira: Sakit perut? ... pupu.
(kemudia memulas balik, segera I ke toilet. kemudian keluar semula.)
Almira: Aunty Ayla sakit perut? 
Ayla: Yes...
Almira: Aunty Ayla pergi toilet.
(sepanjang ku ulang alik ke toilet di tepi kawasan kedudukan Almira, dilihat oleh Almira telatah Aunty nya sambil dia tak gerak dari tempat duduknya. Faham. Bagus.)

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