Pendapatan Isi Rumah

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Bila sudah berkeluarga, perbelanjaan sebulan tidak sama seperti sewaktu masih bujang. Bagi seorang suami, pastinya tanggungjawab semakin bertambah dan jika sewaktu awal perkahwinan masih memerlukan bantuan isteri untuk berkerja, maka bicaralah secara jujur dan penuh kelembutan. Seorang isteri yang beriman dan ikhlas membantu imamnya, masyaAllah, hadiah dari Allah s.w.t. amat baik... amat baik.

Today is the day that I miss our days in England.
I miss our home, the ambiance, the trips we had with friends,
the walks we had together to do groceries shopping in Portswood etc.
Allahu ya Rabb, I definitely miss Mekah, Madinah and UK too.

  • We lead different lives und we have our own ways in dealing with calamities. Aber one thing for sure that, all of us want to enter Paradise. 
  • Some were born wealthy while some had to work as young as the age of 7. 
  • Some were born skillful aber some had to attend 10 colleges before mastering a skill.
  • Some marry rich men while some marry middle class gentlemen. 
  • Some marry gorgeous ladies with iman aber some marry gorgeous ladies who are oblivious about Islam.
  • Some things are fated to be aber some things happen due to the choices we made. 
  • When a great misfortune happens, who should we blame? Allah? NO

  • Alhamdulillah, to be exact, I've been married for 3 years 1 month und 19 days. Und since the day Syahmi received his first paycheck, I've been entrusted to handle our home finance. 
  • I took some time to figure out on how, when and where to keep the monthly balance. Since there are other accounts that I have to handle, I really need to keep record of our home finance. So I came up with this account/finance/balance sheet or wahteveritiscalled (the figures are for example purposes. Not related to me und Syahmi):
The figures above are for example purposes. Not related to me und Syahmi.
As for Bank Hibah, it depends on your bank oder between you husband und wife.
I myself named this account/finance sheet or whateveritiscalled, 'Groceries Money'.
It's easier for me to keep track since this sheet only relates to our monthly groceries balance. 

  • I reckon that you keep all your balance in the bank to increase the amount by receiving Hibah. Better something than nothing. 
  • Aber if you are sure enough that you don't need to use the balance in near future, I suggest that you invest the balance in any funds, Tabung Haji oder anything that is Syariah compliant. 
  • Well at the end of the day, berkat and rahmat are more important than the amount we save. Yeah?

  • Try to create one sheet for your family. InsyaAllah you'll be amazed that at the end of each year, you'll have the $ to go for a holiday =D

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