Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Do not compare with others if we refuse to be grateful. Do not expect things if we don't know how to not blame others. Treat others like how we want to be treated und live our lives as if there's no tomorrow. 

They have started to sleep on their own shared bed. Alhamdulillah.
Tapi rasa macam temporary aje. Hehehe. =D

  • When I was in jr. high school, I wanted to be a billionaire. I wanted to own this und that etc. Since I thought the ticket to success is to be well educated, I worked hard to enter great school und university.
  • When I was in a boarding school, I still want to be a billionaire aber this time, living in the UK. So I studied well und got my self a place in Soton where in my final year, I lived together with my husband in a one bedroom tiny flat =) 
  • When I was in Soton, my views on life started to change (yes, that late!) I realized that I don't know much about Islam und that was really uncool. So I literally searched for more info on the net. 
  • After a few weeks, my head went haywire as I didn't quite understand the writings available on the internet. So I asked a few of my muslim friends und alhamdulillah, they helped me a lot. I then started to attend talks organized by Uni. Soton Islamic Society und also MSA etc. 
  • But the one person who has has been so helpful in answering most of my questions is my husband, Syahmi. With that, danke schon.
Gaya tidur macam...

  • Along the way, I met new people und made new friends. Since I'm the type who learn from others, I do observe und try to absorb good attributes. After all, I really need to improve myself. I am not a good person thus I still need to learn a lot from others.
Dah sampai rumah pun still tidur gaya sama.
Ni sama gaya dengan his Aunty Ayla tidur ni =D

  • I have revealed what my ambitions were. Aber I'll keep my current dreams und ambitions to myself. Do I still want to be a billionaire? Do I still want to migrate? Let that be between me und Allah s.w.t. or even perhaps my husband (if he behaves well. huhu)
  • Aber now I am so grateful with the life I'm having. Humble small home to live in (aber it feels big to us =) ), decent clothes to wear, luscious food to be eaten, a functioning car to ferry us here und there und most importantly, a phenomenal family that is always there to lend me a hand, give moral support und to love. 
  • Semua cukup.
  • Alhamdulillah. 

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