Di Uji

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

No matter how old we are und where we are, our patience will be tested by Allah s.w.t. at all times. Therefore be prepared. 

Uncle Syahmi's bestfriend. We miss you Amir Albanna.
Come home quick. I want to bring you to the park together with your sister. 

  • I believe that we want to be listened to und we want people to take us seriously. Aber sometimes, the way we deliver our thoughts und ideas are quite hurtful to others. 
  • Yes. Most of the time, we don't realize it. Not until when one brave person comes up to us und spill it out. 
  • By then, all we can say is, "Sorry."
  • Aber when there are too many "Sorry", there is no point of being apologetic anymore. 
  • Does it?
(op op on hold. answering call from Syahmi)
  • When I was 9 year-old, my mom brought me to live in England together with my 2 brothers. Oh boy, for the first time in my entire life, I loved going to school. 
  • My teachers were so joyful und they made lessons interesting und fun! Aber there was this unforgettable moment when my patience was tested; I couldn't swim with my friends in the deep pool. The test was not only for one day, aber for a few weeks. 
  • I never had any swimming lesson in Malaysia und when I entered the jr. school, swimming lesson was compulsory (once a week). I was quite devastated und embarrassed that I couldn't swim. I didn't remember telling mom about it. 
  • So every Wednesday, I had to swim with other students in a different pool from my close friends. About a few weeks I had to endure the 'pain' of being embarrassed until I finally got the permission to swim in the deep pool. Oo yeah. My trainer und teacher congratulated me und guess what, mom bought me a new pair of swimming suit =)
  • I had been waiting for that moment for weeks. If I were to give up, I will never know how to swim! I was determined to pass the swimming test albeit the low threshold for patience. 
  • Most students took months to be able to swim in the deep pool. Alhamdulillah. I was und still am a fast learner =) May forever be. 
  • If I can deal with patience at the age of 9 in that kind of environment, why can't I be patient today, tomorrow und coming days in my own country?
  • Yeah why? =D
ich liebe dich
She is a fast learner.
Aunty Ayla misses you und Amir very much. Can't wait for you to come home.
At about your age aunty was in Leeds with your father, Tok Mama und Tok Abah =)
Please grow wiser und be better than all of us. 

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