Kisah Itu Amat Panjang

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

I don't feel at ease. About four years ago, the same thing happened (barbaric Zionist killing Palestinians). In late 2008, I decided to stop purchasing Zionist related brands und alhamdulillah, I still am now. I tell you, it's not that difficult at all. If the Zionist related brands are cheaper than the rest, don't worry. Spend a little bit more for a good cause. InsyaAllah Allah will give you more than what you have spent. Control our minds aber don't let our minds control us. May Allah keeps giving all of us the strength to continue helping the Palestinians.

The volley ball team. Erkk...I don't think any of us keeps a volley ball now. Hehe.
Yours truly und her junior high school friends. They are indeed successful in their respective fields.
From left: Lecturer, Dentist, Editor, Businesswoman, Therapist, PostGrad Student, Engineer?, Lawyer, Account/Finance Manager? (Correct me if I'm wrong ladies)
Syukur alhamdulillah.
  • Have you ever wonder why you were born as you?
  • I do wonder why I am me. A Muslim malay woman living in a peaceful state with a beautiful family. I asked Syahmi und I even expressed to him that "I believe that Allah is watching us closely, waiting to see our next step. Do we help others or not. Are we using His $$$ for good causes or not."
  • It is very challenging to run my own enterprise. What do I do with the £ I earn? Do I channel the £ to the right place? Do I help others with the £ I receive?
  • There are reasons why Allah s.w.t. give some of us wealth und energy while others are being oppressed. 
  • Und I strongly believe that having a beautiful life is both, a REWARD und also a TEST
  • So what should we do now?
I was down with fever, eye sore und severe sore throat during the seminar.
Aber alhamdulillah the seminar ended on time.
This is a friend of mine, Nurin Zulkifli, the co-founder of Lovely Life.
We met in Southampton aber we seldom see each other back then.
Alhamdulillah, now we work together in Lovely Life und get to see each other often.
=) Allah has His ways in letting two people meet.
  • I learn a lot from others. Even though I'm already 26, I make sure that my mind still works like a sponge (yeah like a 3 year old kid who absorbs and stores info quickly).
    Aber this time, I have control of my mind. I choose what can be absorbed instead of being forced to absorb unnecessary info.  
  • There are so many things that I want to achieve in this short period of time. I don't know when my life will end und I don't know how. Aber I don't want to have tons of regrets. 
  • Being a muslim lady, a wife, a daughter, a sister und a friend is not a burden to me. Aber I do need guidance at all times. 
  • Back to the question on what should we do as happy citizens of Malaysia, we really need to find ways to help those who are in need. No matter what. I know that some of us are too comfortable in their own skin und tend to have this in mind, "Tak apa lah. Kita bersyukur saja dengan apa ada. Jangan campur dengan urusan tu."
  • They fail to recognize that what ever they are receiving are actually not theirs to keep. 
Marwah Saari with her adorable son!
The first time she attended Lovely Life meeting, I was too busy sorting facts hence
didn't manage to 'interrogate' her. Hehe.
Aber the second time we met, we instantly became friends =)
I just feel like squeezing her son's chubby cheeks!
  •  If we still can't afford to sacrifice our energy then the least we can do is to donate. Find trusted agencies oder we can directly give to those in need. If our neighbors don't have enough rice to feed their kids, then spare them a bucket or two of rice. If our acquaintances have difficulty in reaching their offices, then offer them a ride until they sort things out. 
  • Bantu-bantu juga tapi jangan sampai ambil kesempatan. Jika setiap hari kita dok ambil hantar orang yang opposite sex sampai boleh jatuh cinta, sila elakkan bagi yang sudah berkahwin. Be a well rounded und smart Muslim but don't be stupid.
  • There are just so many ways to help others. Und remember, Allah s.w.t. is watching us. 
  • Do not condemn others who do good. If we find them irritating, it is ether we are jealous due to not doing anything oder we are selfish. 
  • I am not a great person und still far from being good. Aber I do feel the need to urge everyone to do good und I hope for you lot to remind me too. 
  • And as long as we are still breathing air, kisah menjadi insan yang prihatin masih amat panjang.

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