Oh Clouds

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Have you ever wonder why some people are just too materialistic? Have you ever wonder who is the next Abu Bakar? Have you ever wonder . . . Have you ever wonder . . .
His first meal in Malaysia after the many months of being away.
Oh I love the fried mushrooms. 

  • I choose to think about my life, my husband's und our family. I don't know what's the limit thus I literally take a very long time to think. Since I watched about brains connective tissues dying as we age on t.v. a bout a week ago, I have no reasons to stop thinking man. Trying to defy the scientist! Hehe.
  • So yeah, my husband asked me last night, who is willing to give up everything just like what Abu Bakar as-Siddiq did? 
  • I honestly don't know aber we can always try, yeah?
Yang pasti, Syurga ber Trillion lagi hebat dari ini =)

  • All of us have dreams. Some want to have this und that, some want to be this und that, while some want to go here und there. 
  • Aber how may of us realize that what we are having right now, after the tremendous effort we put in is the best for us? 
  • We should be on cloud nine yeah?

Paksa rela. Haha! =D

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