Takuk Lama and Ayla's Pumpkin Sauce

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Ayuh bangkit dari takuk lama. Jangan kita pilih nak berbaik dengan sesetengah pihak sahaja. Ayuh bangkit dari keselesaan. Jangan kita jaga adab hanya di keramaian sahaja. Ayuh bangkit dari takuk lama. Perubahan ke arah positive harus terus jalan tanpa henti sehingga nyawa kita di tarik. 

  • I wanted to have pumpkin yesterday so I bought some. Und felt like having it with chicken hence I decided to prepare Chicken und Pumpkin for dinner. 
  • Ayla's pumpkin sauce with mushroom recipe as below:
As for chicken, season (salt and pepper) chicken breast and sprinkle 1/2 pinch of
dried rosemary und lightly fried on a hot skillet with some olive oil.
Or you can just use pre-made frozen chicken chop. 

15 pieces of 2cm cubic cut pumpkin
1 clove of garlic, sliced
2 pinches of powdered chicken stock (can be omitted)
90ml water
1/2 pinch of black pepper
6 grey mushrooms (or button mushrooms but NOT shitake mushrooms. we don't want the shitake to overpower the taste of pumpkin.)
7 table spoon full of fresh milk (depends on the consistency)
2 pinches of dried parsley 

  1. Boil pumpkin together with garlic, chicken stock and black pepper. 
  2. Once pumpkin is softened, blend everything in a food processor. 
  3. Placed the blended pumpkin back into the same pot and add mushrooms. 
  4. Continue stirring over medium fire for 3 minutes. 
  5. Add milk, stir for another 1 minute and serve with dried parsley.

  • Luscious. Cewah =)
  • Selamat mencoba!

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