In Marriage, There Is Only One

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

According to Raja Petra Kamarudin, one has 2 chances in business. "They say a drowning man surfaces only three times. On the third time he goes down he stays down for good. He will never surface again. He will die."  Aber in marriage, I say that one has only 1 chance. On the second time he let himself in into a blunder, the wife will walk away with a suitcase und he will forever be haunted by remorse. 

To me, a wedding ring is a symbol that represents something phenomenal.
Not just for the sake of 'batal air sembahayang' ceremony like what most
mak ciks call it. 

  • Since I was 17 year-old, I have this mission of helping MALAY MUSLIMS to avoid from having difficult marriage. I totally despise a husband who cheats on his wife und due to that, I had a hard time in searching for my 'soulmate'.
  • Somehow you know that some of your dreams are signs. So be prepared but don't go crazy over it.
  • When one makes decision to move on und leave the past behind after the second fall, that DOES NOT mean he/she is out of patience. It means that he/she is going to claim a phenomenal reward from Allah s.w.t. somewhere else for being kind enough to spare his/her other half a chance. 
  • Therefore love Allah s.w.t. more than you love your spouse. 
  • SubhanAllah. 
We married young.

  • Marriage is not a russian roulette game where one can gamble/ take chance und leave the rest to his luck. Und it is not all about expectations und romance.  
  • A man should know und understand his responsibilities as a husband und a lady should know hers too. 
  • If one can prepare him/herself for years of examinations, why can't he/she put at least some effort in preparing him/herself to become a good husband/wife?
In marriage, we go through high and low together.

  • Again I would like to stress that, a life of a wife is not to manage her husband's relationship with others. In fact, a wife does not have to worry about her husband finding other lady. 
  • The MALAY MUSLIM culture nowadays is to blame the wife for not grooming herself hence the husband is 'allowed' to huha huha with his mistress. Allahuakbar walillahilham. 
  • How shallow a man could be. 
  • I know quite a few men who do not miss solat und even continuously promote Islam, enjoy chit chatting with their mistress thru ym, fb, sms, etc. und even go out together whenever the wives are not around. 
  • Allahuakbar. 
  • The simple reason why men do this is because they are irreverent. Und to them, a 'Sorry' und roses can heal a broken heart. 
  • May Allah have mercy upon them. 
  • We all dream for a beautiful life. We want to lead a phenomenal life aber when the 'Imam' decides to paint a hideous dark mule on his family's canvas, no body can stop him except Allah s.w.t.
  • Und to the wife who bears all the aftermath, I pray for you to enter paradise with a glowing face und without having to go through hell fire. 
  • Allahuakbar walillahilham. 

In marriage, we have to welcome other family members too.
Life is not just about you, you und you.

Embrace every moment.

We will come soon. InsyaAllah. 
  • Once we're done helping ourselves und others, leave the rest to Allah s.w.t. 
*Kisah tiada kena mengena dengan Ayla atau Syahmi. Moga dijadi pengajaran buat diri dan semua. 

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