Pabila Babi Lebih Terkesan

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

They drink alcoholic beverages aber when they were served with pork chop on a bed of mixed vegetables they said, "We are muslims. We can't eat pork. Don't you know that?!"

Banyak lagi makanan and minuman yang sedap-sedap, halal dan tayyiba.
Bakpo mu nok hok Allah dok wi? (Kenapa kamu nak yang Allah tak bagi)
Huiyoh Ayla...dahsyat betul cuba tulis dalam dialect Kelantan =D

Air tebu 1 Genih di Mesir adalah jauh lebih enak dan murah berbanding
alcoholic beverages. Dan ini sah sah Allah tak haramkan melainkan
tebu itu adalah tebu yang kami curi.

  • Do not wait until pork is mixed in alcoholic beverages. 
  • Do not wait until swine's hair is sewn together in mini skirts.
  • Or you want someone to pour in pig's blood in the fermentation vessel?
  • Opps wait, I don't think this will affect those who love Black Pudding. 
And whoso obey Allah and the messenger, then they will be in the company of those on whom Allah has bestowed His Grace, of the Prophets, the Siddiqun, the martyrs, the righteous. And how excellent these companions are!? [Holy Qur'an 4:69]

  • Oh und you know why those TGI, Chili's etc. have no Halal certificate aber they claim that they only use halal meat certified by Malaysian Halal Certifying Authority oder what ever it is called yada yada yada?
  • I guess it is because they serve alcoholic beverages (by referring to their websites). Und if they have Halal logo on their restaurant wall, there must be something wrong somewhere. 
  • You see, once these restaurants start selling PORK CHOP, the so called Malay Muslims will not dine in in their restaurants anymore. Aber when alcoholic beverages are served under one roof, no body bothers. 
  • Oh Babi, you are still so popular than your relatives, Rum, Wine, Lager, Whisky, Brandy und etc. 
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