The Story That Will Make You...

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

It is indeed a reward if one studies Islam in depth und practices Islam as a whole. One will definitely find love, brotherhood und wonders in Islam. For Pi to tell a story that will make one believes in God is truly a great effort. Aber which God? 

No one can build this city without the will of Allah S.W.T.

  • I just arrived home from seeing Life Of Pi. It is deep und not as straight forward as Spiderman. There are still rooms for sceptic atheist to continue being sceptic aber if one really wants to find Allah, the movie can be considered as one of the catalysts. 
  • It started of by Pi narrating about how he found wonders/rituals in Hindu, love in Christianity und brotherhood in Islam. Then his faith und believes were tested through out the movie. Ending with a question to be answered by the audience.
  • I'm not being bias just because I'm a Muslim aber Islam has everything what Pi was looking for. Islam teaches one to be patient, to be grateful und living within the means. Islam teaches one to love one another/animals und to help each other no matter what religion one is. Islam teaches one to respect the elderly und the young ones too. Islam teaches one to not give up hoping und praying. Islam teaches one to depend only on Allah S.W.T. 
  •  It's just that Islam was only mentioned once/twice in the movie. 
Allah S.W.T. owns everything und we have nothing. 

  • I reckon that you go und see Life Of Pi. Watch until the end, then only make judgements. 
  • If you find Life Of Pi promotes Islam, I suggest that you encourage others to see it too. 
  • Afterall, everyone needs a God. Even an atheist too.
  • In my case, I have Allah S.W.T. 
  • Alhamdulillah.

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