Which One Are You?

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

I believe some parents do talk about their child number 8 to their child number 4. Und they then talk about how upset they are with their child number 4 to child number 6. Und then, they let their child number 3 know about the things they are upset with with child number 6.
Without realizing, upsets do change to expectations for the children who had to listen to their parents' 'complaints'.
Remember, the negative bits that your children are doing might come from you. Therefore why do you moan when your children do not even know how to say
'Hi' to you?
Kanak-kanak adalah ahli syurga, walaupun dia menelan ink pen. =D
Parents should not have high expectations on their kids.
Und instead of giving excuses, parents should explain.

  • I never understood why parents are acting like parents before, not until I allow myself to observe other married couples with kids. From my observations, I could see some young parents are so fanatic about treating their children differently, NOT LIKE how their parents treated them when they were little. 
  • Ouch... the grandparents must be hurt if they know this. Well, what to do. They probably did something wrong to their kids too. 
  • While some are too obsess with 'Islamic Education' that they forget to search for the definition of Islamic. Hence whatever school that has 'Islamic' printed on their banner, that is considered a pot of gold. 
  • Some parents are too materialistic. They dress their kids with Chanel und make sure that their children are riding the most expensive prams/strollers/ on earth even though their annual household income is less than RM60k.
  • Some parents are too strict. They don't allow their kids to be touched by passersby und some don't even let others to have a glance at their babies!
  • Und many types more....
  • So which one are you?
Kakak berasa seperti orang sekeliling tidak membenarkan dia untuk berada bersama adiknya.
Again, kanak-kanak adalah ahli syurga. Jadi jangan sia-siakan mereka.

Sesetengah manusia memang payah hendak mengambil kebaikan daripada ahli keluarga sendiri kerana yang dilihat 80% adalah perkara negative. Almaklumlah, berpuluh tahun hidup bersama dan yang tersemat di hati kebanyakannya (BUKAN SEMUA) adalah perkara yang tidak diingini. Jadi jangan menyalahkan orang lain apabila kebaikan tidak dilihat. Kerana setiap tindak tanduk kita di dunia ini adalah pilihan kita sendiri. 
What??! Why did you say aunty Ayla this und that??!

  • I am not a parent just yet und I do feel alright. I do not know why, but some people do think that I am not happy for still not given the chance to conceive. Haiyoh. Life is not just about making babies laaaaa. If Allah wants to give, then He gives laaaa. Why suddenly you want to become a shrink, trying to psycho me und play around with my mind und emotions??
  • Just look at yourselves. Look at your children. Are they alright? All of them? Haaaa. You better stop talking about me oder others before things go back to you people.
  • Same goes to parents who talk about und belittle others' children for still being single at the age of 29. Look at your own children, how sure are you that they will not be facing the same problem?
  • Memang tak tahan nak gelak sebab funny betul parents yang selalu mengata anak orang lain but terang tang tang anak dia depan mata yang mendapat musibah. Lepas tu bila anak sendiri tak turn out seperti mereka harapkan, mula nak marah-marah anak-anak itu. Kesian anak-anak yang tak bersalah tersebut.
  • That is why I cakap, jangan lah suka nak mengata orang lain. Lebih - lebih lagi bila kita dah beranak pinak. Sudah pasti kita tidak mahu anak kita yang menjadi negative. Jadi setiap kali ada benda buruk yang kita nak zahirkan, marilah kita istighfar. 
Mungkin takdir kami berdua adalah untuk merasakan pahit dan manis
cinta bersama sehingga akhir hayat. Wallahu'alam.
Mana-mana pun Allah s.w.t. menguji dan memberi hadiah.
Jadi bukan kami sahaja kena redha malah orang-orang di sekeliling kami pun.

  • There are so many parenting workshops etc. nowadays. I reckon that for those of you who have no idea at all on how to become great parents, you might want to attend great seminars that share Rasulullah S.A.W. parenting skills. 
  • With Allah's will, I may attend one oder two with Syahmi aber when und where, wallahu'alam. 

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