Assalamualaium w.b.t.

73 pintu
73 jalan
yang sampai hanya satu jalan 

"Orang Yahudi berpecah kepada 72 golongan dan orang Nasrani juga berpecah sebanyak itu, tetapi umatku akan berpecah kepada 73 golongan." Daripada 73 golongan itu, hanya satu golongan akan memasuki syurga, sedangkan yang lain itu bakal menghuni neraka. -Hadis diriwayatkan Tirmizi
Do not say "Keep quiet" to children.
If they ask, we answer.
They are perfect example of those who are hunger for Ilmu.
I do learn a lot especially from Almira.
She's the type who asks und remembers.
At the age of 3, she knows how to beat adults in card games!
Brilliant bunny =)

  • I was on a mission yesterday, thought of finding a few cheap aber nice decorations from Tesco to D E C O-rate our unit. Aber Tesco has failed me big time!
  • They sell wobbly picture frames, expensive thin glass vases, expensive hard cushions, und unexciting ornaments.
  • Aber they do have cute baby und toddler outfits =D Und I have no reasons to buy them just yet due to my munchkins are now miles away from me.
  • Yeah I was 'supposed' to go to my favorite mall to find things for our home aber I finished working after 12pm so I decided to just 'cekidaut' at a Tesco near me. 
  • Und guess what, I was drugged by their waffle! At 4:30pm I was already half asleep in front of my machine! -_-
  • How now brown cow?
Und as for Amir Albanna, he still refuses to speak.
Aber he understands. So do not under estimate kids.
Talk to them aber don't gve up.
Oh oh, he calls everything "Mama".
Even my brother's guy neighbour is a Mama to Amir.

  •  I had a sharing session with friends at my place on last Sunday. Alhamdulillah, the one hour session went well despite the minutes of waiting for those who at the end couldn't make it due to certain uncertainties.  
  • Syahmi und I built this home for other people to stay und also to act as an Ilmu hub. Alhamdulillah, thank you Allah s.w.t. for making things happen.
  • We shared our views, readings, findings, thoughts und ideas about 'The Role of Muslim Women in Islam und Life'. What else do women should contribute other than treating their parents und husband kindly?
  • We all agree that a woman should know her mission und vision in life in order for her to act. Other than nurturing babies, a woman should also contribute to other people if it is still within syarak, provided that her husband grants her permission.

  1. Role as a wife
  2. Role as a mother
  3. Role as a daughter
  4. Role as a citizen
  5. Role as an educator
  6. Role as a leader
  • Every role comes with at least a responsibility. It is for us to find out und know our own responsibilities. 
  • I believe that everyone is responsible upon sharing Ilmu. 
  • Ilmu helps someone to be better eyh? Without Ilmu, we will never go far. 
  • An Ustazah on t.v. reminded us to always 'replenish' ourselves with new Ilmu.
  • Good job ustazah. Good job.
Syahmi und I love carsssss.
The minute I saw this photo captured und sent by Mr. Josey (thanks bro)
I went "Wallaweyh but...they don't have extra huge land und huge car garage oder
porch to store their babies? What's the point of buying millions
of ringgit worth of a property if there is no huge lawn und garage??"
Ferrari tu baik I simpan dekat porch I dari kena panas and tempias hujan.
  •  I was driving to mama's last night with Syahmi on the passenger seat, when we had this conversation about how I love to plan when to purchase oder sell our property und car. The funny thing is, Syahmi was thinking about the same thing too!
  • I realize that we do think about the same thing und at the same time quite often. Alhamdulillah. So I don't need to give him a lengthy explanation. 
  • Yeah!

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