Kind Of Things

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Cream colored ponies and crisp apple streudels
Doorbells and sleigh bells and schnitzel with noodles
Wild geese that fly with the moon on their wings
These are a few of my favorite things
-The Sound Of Music-

Counting calories. I've been consuming Post cereal since years ago,
jaman sekolah lagi =D I love the ones with pecans. I got us a pack
of no added salt or sugar Swiss Style Muesli. Haduh... obviously tawar.
Haha. I add more raisins into it though =D 
  • Dairy products, grains cereals und berries are expensive here in Malaysia. In order to pay less for a liter of 'fresh' milk, we had to buy a carton instead of just one box. Due to that, we managed to save at least 70 cents a box : RM8.40. 
  • Aber of course we had to fork out a couple of RM extra in that particular month. 
  • Und we have this idea of when we want to buy something that has RM0.99 on the price tag, we will take 5 oder 8 oder 9 of them. Thus, instead of paying the store an extra 1 cent to 4 cents, the store will wave at least 1 cent from us. 
  • If 50 thousand people pay extra 4 cents, the store easily makes extra RM2000. I find this unjust. I want the one cent coin back!
Contemporary cheese cake. Contemporary lah sahngat kan.
Padahal nak cepat and mudah =D

  • I love cheese except for the ones that taste und smell like vomit. Oh yes I tried some before und I couldn't even swallow a small piece. -_- 
  • Was it feta cheese? 
  • Since cheese is made out of milk und Malaysia doesn't seem to be producing cheese other than in Langkawi (a small scale I suppose), supermarkets are selling imported cheese at high prices. Due to that, not everyone can afford to have cheese in their daily meal. Well, not everyone can afford to have a plate of rice a day either. -_-
  • So how can we have cheap cheese?
  • By substituting a portion of milk with palm oil/extract? 
  • That is what happen to chocolate. Real chocolate is made out of cocoa butter. But cheap chocolate is made out of 'minyak sawit' instead of the slightly expensive cocoa butter. 
I also find cakes, cupcakes, etc. are quite pricey nowadays.
Like this tiny velvet cuppy with cream cheese topping,
I didn't know how much Syahmi paid for a cup aber I guess
it might be more than RM3.

  • The reality is, healthy food is more expensive than the ones with lots of sugar und sodium. 
  • I bet a low calorie carrot cake costs a couple of cents/ringgit more than the normal one. 
  • An organic apple is more expensive than the non-organic. 
  • An organic chicken is more expensive than the non-organic. 
  • Now the question is, do we really need to consume organic products?
  • =D

Reduce our carb intake. Aber once in awhile, lets enjoy
homemade mashed potato =D

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