Another Witness, Jabal Rahmah

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Every creature bows to Allah s.w.t., even rivers und mountains. Und I believe that these creatures remember all events that had happened to, near und on them. Other than Jabal Thursina, I now have Jabal Rahmah as another witness. The jabal (mount) where Adam met Hawa for the first time on earth. 

Alhamdulillah, we managed to complete umrah at about 3am.

  • Alhamdulillah. We arrived KLIA from Jeddah at about 1355 hrs yesterday. Mama had to wait for quite a bit due to the delayed flight, yes we stopped at Riyadh longer than scheduled. 
  • Like one of my aunt's fav lines, "still in one piece", yes alhamdulillah all of us are doing well und still in one piece @ limbs are still attached. Just that, Syahmi und I are still feeling the jet lag. 
Two days before leaving for Madinah. 
The 3 Musketeers?
In Madinah before leaving for Mekah.

  • When Adam und Hawa disobeyed the one rule set by Allah s.w.t. for them while in Paradise, as a punishment, they were sent to earth by Allah und got separated. 
  • Adam was in Sri Lanka while Hawa was in Jeddah. 
  • Adam searched high und low for Hawa und traveled (by foot I guess) from Sri Lanka to Plain of Arafah in Mekah where he finally met Hawa on Mount Arafah or also known as Jabal Rahmah (mount of mercy). 
  • Hawa did quite a walk too aber not as far as Adam. Jeddah to Mekah by car takes about an hour und thirty minutes. 
  • Und according to literatures, it was on Jabal Rahmah that prophet Muhammad s.a.w. said his last speech. 
Syahmi on Jabal Rahmah.
Of course captured by yours truly =p

  • Syahmi und I managed to climb (alright by using the stairs provided =p) up to the peak. Other than Raudhah und Masjidil Haram, somehow the Jabal Rahmah got me all emotional this time. 
  • Guess it was due to the reminiscing of what prophet Adam und Hawa had to go through thus relating to the obstacles we (Syahmi und I) had. 
  • Nobody has an easy life. Aber what makes one different is the way he/she handles calamity. 
  • As I nearly reached our bus, I heard bapak (my father. yes I address him as bapak in this blog) said sort of like this, "I've made Doa for you....(followed by his favorite remarks. hehe.)". Thank you very much bapak. May Allah reward you with His Paradise.  
  • It was not easy to hold back the tears when there were more than a gallon in you. 
Jabal Rahmah 2013. 

  • I heard about Malaysians make supplication for jodoh at Jabal Rahmah. Phewitt! =D 
  • I do not know about the Arabs und other people aber Jabal Rahmah is also famous for that amongst Malaysians. As long as no one prays to the Jabal itself, then I guess it is alright. 
  • Doa adalah senjata mukmin. Therefore kita bisa berDoa di mana-mana sahaja dan juga mengambil peluang di tempat Doa confirm di makbulkan. Confirm ke? Walahu'alam.
Having tea break at clock tower mall. 
Bringing thick sandwich und cheesy fries for all.

  • Yours truly needs to wash loads of dirty laundry. Will continue 'writing' und upload more photos in other entries. insyaAllah. 

*Mr. und Mrs. Josey, I'm missing you both und the kids. 

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