Dear Jamal

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Most of us know that our plans do not beat Allah's aber why do we keep on complaining? Sabar. Have patience. Redha. It takes time to learn so take some time, aber not too long. Not too long. 

The master, preparing camel's milk.
Susu unta. Susu unta =D
  • Jamal @ Camel in Arabic.
  • We only managed to visit a herd of camels in a small farm at night somewhere in Hudaibiyah. I didn't know how to work both cameras as the background/environment was pitch black. 
  • Aber someone did get to capture a photo with a handsome jamal (thanks to the iPhone 5 blergh.. =p)
  • Despite not being able to pose with a jamal, we got to taste its' milk. SR5 per small bottle which is about RM4.08. Well, quite expensive for a bottle of milk as we can get about a litre of processed cow's milk with that price here in Malaysia. 
  • Aber not quite appropriate to compare, as jamal und cow are two different species. SR5 is nothing compared to the experience we gained. Yeah.
  • It tasted like powdered milk with no distinct smell at all. Quite tasty though. Aber I only allowed myself to swallow a very small amount. Afterall, it was freshly 'harvested' und the thoughts of having pus und sorts in the milk was lingering in my head. Yaicks~ 
  • Thanks to Syahmi for reminding! Aber he was the one who drank it til the last drop. =D
  • Bravo B!
Sedap B? =p

Si gigil nak minum. 

  • We visited a museum before leaving for camels farm. Aber I find the Arabs caring for the museum were quite rude as they kept telling us to "Jalan! Jalan!" 
  • Can't they be calmer und have more patience? Experience like this ie. visiting places in Mekah does not happen that often to people like us. 
  • We are not Najib und Rosmah where people do make way und make everything easy for them. 
  • Ok chill. 
Zam Zam well.

Siapa bisa baca?
Penulisan Al-Quran sewaktu era Othman bin Affan

  • My questions about the extension of Masjidil Haram were solved when I saw the miniature model of the new Masjidil Haram in the museum. 
  • Wow! Jaw dropped.
  • I was told that it will only be completed in the year 2020. It won't be ready before my turn for hajj T_T 
  • Aber anyway, Kaabah looks so small in the new Masjidil Haram. I wonder whether one can alter the size of Kaabah. Are we allowed to? 
  • I hope they do not increase the quota for hajj even though the new Masjidil Haram will be bigger. Well, this is due to the capacity of tawaf und saie which remain the same. 
  • Und guess what, now people can hire a Borat's mobile (so I called. hehe) to complete their saie. Yeah, kind of defeating the purpose of reminiscing Hajar's effort walking back und forth from Safa to Marwah, looking for water to feed her baby, Ismail. 
Come on people. Spot the Kaabah?
The new Masjidil Haram. Wow gedevas!

  • Home is still not in its' best order. T_T 
  • Got chores to do now. 
  • insyaAllah will upload more photos later. 
  • Take care all.

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