Don't Mind

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Syaitan will not stop whispering doubts und hatred in our ears. Aber, if we don't equip ourselves with ilmu (knowledge) und faith in Allah s.w.t., we will surely go astray. Und is it appropriate to only blame Syaitan for our wrong doings? 

  • Two weeks in Saudi und 4 days of Chinese New Year Break without mama was too long for me. Well yeah, I used to not seeing her for months aber how can you not miss the person who went through thick und thin for years just to make sure that you are well at all times?
  • So Syahmi und I decided to take her out for an outing. Oh boy, she ended up purchasing two chest of drawers und jars for her utensils. -_-
Dan dan mat salleh lalu and buat macam dekat Ikea Southampton pula kan.
I don't really find all Ikea stuffs interesting kecuali a few.
Cuma I beli wardrobe Ikea sebab murah and senang pasang.
Oh satu benda ja yang I paling yakin beli di sini, katil but not mattress.
Katil dia tak bunyi-bunyi and kukuh berbanding katil jual di kedai
perabot cina. Kalau mattress I prefer yang standard Vono/Dreamland/Sleepwhateversleep
di kedai cina =) Mattress Ikea tak best. Afterall, we are not Ikea freak. Alhamdulillah. 

  • Back in 2010, Ikea Southampton had not many customers aber I don't know now. I was gobsmacked to see people literally queuing meters long to have lunch at Ikea Damansara 'canteen'. 
  • People really drive to Ikea just for their meatballs? Like seriously? 
  • So we went to have our lunch at Manhattan (Aunty Azfar's fav restaurant I guess) instead. Und something happened ...
Almira Alhassan Alayoubi with Mr.Josey at Ikea Southampton back in 2010.
See tak crowded kan. 

  • The service at Manhattan Fish Market, Ikano Power Center was not that good. We received our meals one at a time und mine only arrived when mama und Syahmi were about to finish theirs. 
  • So mama made a complaint und when settling the bill, Syahmi requested to NOT pay for the service charge as it was poor. The waiter said sort of like this, "I don't know sir. You have to talk to the manager." 
  • How come you don't know?! You were the one who served us!
  • Then Syahmi said, "You go and tell your manager that I don't want to pay for the service charge. Get me a refund or something. And I'm serious about this."
  • Mak mentua dan anak menantunya satu kepala kann . . . 
  • So he went to chuck the money in his machine or what nots und came back with some balance und an ANGPOW.
  • Und I went, "Ma angpow!" Yours truly macam jakun sangat nampak angpow. Sampai couple sebelah pun macam excited tengok drama kami. Kesian juga couple sebelah, suaminya dah habis makan baru isterinya punya sampai. 

Some might say that it is rude to post photos of dirty dishes.
Well, komplen komplen juga tapi makan tetap licin =D
First time we managed to finish Manhattan's sampai licin.
If not pasti ada bits of fries or fish batter yang tinggal sebab muak.

  • As we were walking back to Ikea (yes to help mama shop =p) I opened up the angpow to find two Manhattan vouchers of free meal und drink worth RM20 -RM25. Woohooo. The service charge was about RM6 - RM7 aber we received more than that. 
  • Ok ok who wants the two voucher? I'm letting go at RM7 per piece. You still save at least RM6. Hehe. 
  • Nah...not a chance. I'm going to use the voucher myself. Muahahahaha (evil laugh).
Eh semua customers yang dine in dapat voucher ni sempena Chinese New Year??

  • Sama-sama jaga hati, jaga lisan. Haritu I terzahirkan ketidak senangan I terhadap a lady with her stroller. Haritu je terkehel sedikit. Hehe. So don't be like me ok. Sabar sangat penting dan hadiahnya amat lumayan =D
  • Have a great weekend y'all!

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