Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Knowledge is as important as oxygen. 

Her masterpiece!
She did this all by herself during assessment session.
She even wrote her name on that piece of paper. Bravo Almira. 

  • My beautiful niece had an assessment at her future school yesterday. As she'll turn 4 year-old in May, the parents think it is a very good idea to send her to school. Well, it is indeed a brilliant idea. 
  • Almira Alhassan Alayoubi is a fast learner und meticulous (just like her aunt. hehe.). She understands instructions quickly und knows how things work.
  • Azeem only taught her twice on how to play card game, Colek. In the third round, she was already a champion, beating her 26 year-old aunt!
  • She recognizes diamond the most as for its dominant shape und red in colour. 

Very well behaved and she did not speak at all - Almira's teacher
She reminds me of Azeem back in his infant school.
Azeem was 5 year-old when he entered Highfield Jr. & Infant School.
I did have an opportunity to visit his classroom, oh boy
it was full of students' art works und imaginations. I like. 

  • I told everyone at home that she will definitely burst out into tears once her mama bid farewell. Aber I was wrong! Not a single tear came out from Almira y'all =D
  • She got hooked up with collage which helped to distract her from whining for mama und abah. 
  • I was all anxious at home, waiting for whatsapp messages und photos from Mr. Josey. Haha. 
"Oh this is cool. Wanna play with this. I'm sure gonna follow kakak to school. This is fun man!"

  • While Almira underwent her assessment, Amir Albanna was busy entertaining himself in the waiting room. Amir is an independent boy und still couldn't care less about others' opinion. 
  • Aber, he is more manja than his sister =D (so not like his aunt who happens to be a second child too =p ) Oh my . . . He loves to be cuddled und kissed. 
  • I don't mind caring for him as I myself love to hug und kiss the two munchkins! 
  • Oh oh one fact about Amir; dia takut kucing! =D
  • Kita gang lah Amir.

I got my year 6 education here in HJIS.
The place where swimming is compulsory. I also learnt music, art, a bit of acting, und
involved in multiple presentations.

  • In 2010, my family und I had the chance to visit our previous english schools. We even got to enter the dining hall und went out to the field. Photos are not with me aber with Mr. Josey. 
  • I remember walking to school with younger brother und friends at 8:40am und walked back home at 3:30pm. When bapak came to visit, I would have my lunch at home together with him und walked again to school at 1:00pm.
  • I don't remember dragging myself to school. I did enjoy it back then ;-)

I then joined elder brother in this secondary school (PVS) for year 7 education.
Other than maths und science, this was where I did a bit of gymnastic, fine art, french und urdhu. 
  • Education has always been one of the topics I frequently discussed with Syahmi. We both are aware that providing the right education for kids is crucial. 
  • Aber in Malaysia, parents need to fork out extra RM to get their kids to swimming und music classes. No? 
  • We had that for free. Alhamdulillah. 
  • So now who wants to tell right to my face that I better get my self to live in England again if I have so much to complain about Malaysia's education system?
  • Well hey, I'm not complaining. I'm just sharing ;-)
  • Take it easy.


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