Fear Factor

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Provided that we have tried our best to consistently living healthily, we should be thankful for the way Allah s.w.t. created us. Don't mind the crooked toes, hairy eyebrows und what nots. Aber two body parts that we should really be worried if they becoming empty und turning black; brain und heart. 

I didn't know what made me want to go up there.
Alhamdulillah. We got to do this together before the youngest among us
leave for his nest in Melbourne again next week. 

  • The first challenge was climbing up a ladder that's approximately 14m high.  I was trembling half way through aber I still avoided myself from looking down.  Not long after that I shouted to the male instructor A who was waiting up on that particular tree...
Ayla : Banyak lagi ke?
Instructor A: Tak. 4 lagi. 
When I reached the top...
Ayla : Fuhh.. Lepas ni ada tangga lagi tak.
Instructor A: Ada. Tapi tak tinggi. 
Ayla: T_T Berapa tinggi?
Instructor A: Dalam 8m.
Ayla: T_T

Caught on camera. Kumat kamit mulut ku during went through obstacles.
I guess the trees und other creatures were laughing hysterically listening to my zikir und all sorts of Doa =D Bahaaa! Siapa berani nak cross ni?

  • Crazy! 
  • The three of us (Ajim, Syahmi und yours truly) went to Bukit Cerakah for Skytrex Adventure. Oh boy, I never thought that it was going to be that high!
  • I have always been afraid of heights. Not to the extend of not being able to take an elevator to 40th floor. Aber I don't fancy boarding airplanes, climbing tall ladders, roller coaster rides, bungee jump etc. 
  • Listening to Syahmi und Azeem wanted to upgrade from Little Adventure to Big Thrill, was enough to make my palms sweat. Aber syukur we did upgrade the course, if not our other team mates will be kids the age of Almira. Hahaha!

The last challenge.

Brother crossing the wobbly net just before the Tarzan. See ahead. T_T

  • I'm not going to spoil the fun for you lot aber there was this one challenge I called it The Swing. Haiyo laikosi laikosi. I nearly cried aber both husband und the instructor were very supportive. 
  • I literally froze on the first swing und a male instructor C had to guide me a step at a time.
Ayla : Macam mana ni?! What do I have to do next?!
Instructor C : Cik gerak kaki kanan.
Ayla : Habis tu tangan?? Nanti jatuh! (ok memang gelabah sangat dah ni. dah fikir kalau jatuh tergayut kat tali ni sakit pinggang bagai...)
Instructor C : Percaya dekat saya. Kaki kanan step on the next swing lepas tu  tangan kiri tali depan.
Ayla: Tak boleh percaya! Nanti dia akan swinging dan saya jatuh!
Babe : You can do it B. You tak kan jatuh. 
Ayla: T_T Ok dah gerak lepas tu??!
Babe : Next kaki pula B.
Instructor C : Ok lepas tu kaki kiri on the other swing. Jangan dua-dua kaki atas satu swing nanti dia swinging. 
Ayla : (dah tak payah nak tunggu dua dua kaki pun swing ni dah swinging sebab menggeletar. ok sambung tutup mata)
Instructor C: Ok very good. Then ...yada yada yada

  • The instructor C went on telling me what to do until I reached to the other side. I was too scared to look at Syahmi when he was on the swings. Fuhh. 
  • No wonder Azeem senyap je bila lalu swings dengan Zig Zag...hahaha. 
  • Syahmi und Azeem did really well. They even managed to do the Tarzan thinggy right til the end. 
  • Well my hands were still trembling due to the freakin swings, so I skipped the Tarzan bit by using the side rope. My hands were very weak to carry my 'slim' body =p
  • The bit that the three of us love the most is the flying fox. Wohoooo~ 
Husband doing the Tarzan. The wood planks are actually further away from each other.
Don't trust the photo. I know, they look closer in here. 
Weehooo he made it =)

  • The whole Big Thrill course took us about 2 hours to complete (due to the long queue for the first challenge ie. climbing up the tall ladder). I guess it is kind of easy for those who are not afraid of heights. 
  • Well, you can always try the Extreme Challenge course. It is more difficult than the one we had. 
  • Oh oh and tempat ni tak sesuai untuk suami isteri yang tengah gaduh gaduh. Di khuatiri ada adegan tolak menolak each other, jatuh, sakit woo. 
  • Und guess what, Syahmi heard over a radio that one of the participants got bitten by a bee while crossing from tree to tree. Haiyoh! Sesuai sangat Syahmi bagi tahu I while I dekat atas kan ~
So B, when will we go for the Extreme Challenge?
Haha Cewah berlagak. Padahal lutut I masih terketar due to the heights.
Bagi I at least another year lah to prepare alright. Hehehe. 

  •  You lot should give this sport a try!
  • Go and google for Skytrex Adventure. 
  • Adios!

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