Surrounded By Your Embrace

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Dreams are motivators, if und only if we are aware of em und dreaming of good things. It's like when we were kids, dreamt of becoming a princess und dancing gracefully with a charming prince, the one who gives roses und such. Oh boy, life was good...

I love adding mint into Korma. Especially lamb Korma. Luscious!

  • I find Elton John's und M.Nasir's work are exceptional. Their music und lyrics are beautiful. The first time I listened to Elton John was back in the year 1997, a few months before lady Diana died in a car crash. 
  • I believe that these two men had dreams back then und still having now. 
  • Und du? (And you?)
Perempuan yang suka melayan ramai lelaki tidak sesuai dijadikan isteri. - Ustaz Azhar Idrus-                                                                                         Berkawan dan melayan adalah berbeza, berkawan tapi janganlah sampai tidak ingat batas, batas bukan sahaja berkaitan sentuhan tapi juga cara percakapan (komunikasi), pembawaan diri, tunjukkan sifat yang baik, jangan terlalu mempamerkan kemesraan diri sendiri kepada berlainan jantina( lelaki boleh salah erti) , jangan terlalu mesra sehingga menimbulkan fitnah. Jagalah diri. Sesungguhnya malu itu perisai, peramah wanita itu biar bertempat. (taken from somebody) 

I used to receive parcel from Malaysia.
Aber now instead of receiving, others get parcels from me.

  • I met a few people on last weekend. Most of them asked me on how well The Sale is doing right now. I then answered, "Alhamdulillah, doing well."
  • Thank you for asking und making Doa for me und my business. Jazakumullah Khayran. 
  • I really don't know how 'well' is well. Is it as long as I'm not in the state of not making profit oder what. 
  • Aber I believe that what ever comes in into my pocket, they are not just mine to keep. 
  • I am, like every other human sapiens, dream of having this und that (material wise). Yes. Aber those are none of my priority. I treat those material things as bonuses from Allah S.W.T. 
  • Of course I would like to at least own a watch from Patek Phillipe und driving a Maserati aber I don't let those things to become my stars that I need to reach because I have something better to achieve with Allah's will. In fact, it is the best ;-) 
  • If you see me wearing those material things, those are indeed bonuses from Allah.
  • One of my dreams is to have a place in Allah's Paradise. I am unsure on how my life will end aber that doesn't discourage me. 
  • There were times when I felt so down und failed to see the other side of calamities aber I made sure that my dream is still there. 
  • I don't fancy taking orders from others aber I don't mind being reminded to do good. Well, we all do need reminders right?
  • So please remind me. 
  • I used to have difficulty in understanding Al-Quran, aber now I found stories that are so encouraging, so motivating despite still not knowing Arabic. 
  • I need those stories for that particular dream.
  • Thank you Allah for surrounding me by Your embrace.

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