The Gold Lace

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

If only we know how precious time is. To sit around und do nothing is such a waste. Get up und find the fuel that will help us to enter His paradise. 

The Phancur Emas that I told you in my previous entry.
We managed to perform Maghrib prayer here as we
didn't leave the Masjid after Asar. Allah knows how these
women squeezed unt struggled to find even tiny places for them
to solat. It was quite dusty due to the construction though.
A night before it rained in Tanah Haram Mekah und Madinah.

  • One fine morning after breakfast, Syahmi took me to see und touch the Kaabah. I finally made it into Hijr Ismail with Allah's help that was channeled through Syahmi. 
  • Aber there was no space at all to perform solat so we just made supplications while our bodies were physically 'squashed' by others. Alhamdulillah we managed to get out of Hijr Ismail with huge smiles. 
  • It was funny though, I tried to face the Kaabah before made Doa aber it was so difficult to even turn my body a degree to the east. Then I heard Syahmi said "B just make Doa. Don't need to face the Kaabah sebab kita dalam Kaabah." 
  • Oh yes! Hijr Ismail is considered as part of Kaabah. Und whoever enters Hijr Ismail while Tawaf, that particular round is automatically void. One needs to start a new round. 
Our first trial, Hijr Ismail was closed for cleaning.
This is the curved marble wall of Hijr Ismail. 

  • Syahmi voluntarily made a 'zam zam' around me while we were near the Kaabah. That was due to aggressive men pushing und pulling to get to the Hajr Aswad und get into Hijr Ismail. Fuhh. 
  • I don't think it is appropriate for people to literally hurt others in order for them to get to specific places. 
  • There were people who got elbowed on the chest und head, while some got stepped on their feet. Why oh why.
  • The turks like to do Tawaf und Saei together in a huge group. So one really needs to bear with that. Well, make use of the time to make more Zikir und Doa ;)
  • Don't you forget the news about a man who walked for a year to get to the Masjidil Haram from his home. So how do you think he managed to be patient? 
  • ;-)
Other than drinking straight from the water pipe, Zam zam water is
stored in this khaki containers for people to drink. 

  • I'd written und shared about Hijr Ismail, a bit of Hajr Aswad, Jabal Rahmah, a bit of Makam Ibrahim und Jabal Uhud & Raudhah (from my previous visit to Tanah Haram in July 2012). Alhamdulillah. May these writings help you in any possible ways (if not a lot, a bit). 
  • The beautiful things came from Allah Azzawajalla aber all mistakes were merely from my limited knowledge und actions. 
  • I admit that I do miss Tanah Haram so much that I feel like visiting Mekah & Madinah again, again und again. Aber I have other duties that I need to complete here in Malaysia. 
  • May Allah bless us all.

The Gold Lace (sikit je nampak).
Thank you very much bapak for the wonderful treat.
May you receive His paradise in return.  

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