The New Routine

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

No one can change us aber we have many chances to be influenced by other people. The question is, what type of people? That is still in our hands to decide. Und do not blame our mentor for the mistakes made. 

A huge carrot. Tangan I je dah tak muat satu carrot.
Husband said kalau I makan ni satu habis dah tak perlu buat lasik.
Tapi I tak beli ni. 
Abalone mushrooms. Yang ini memang size tangan Syahmi.
We bought these mushrooms. Any idea on how to cook them?

  • Not every routine is that bad you know. I came to realize that Rasulullah S.A.W. also had a routine for performing solat. 
  • Routine = a sequence of actions regularly followed 
  • I have always denied my house chores routine as I only complete my chores at my own sweet time ie. whenever I feel like doing. Alhamdulillah I have a husband who is in the same boat as me. So we do understand each other und no complaints are made. 
  • So when do we do our groceries shopping? Every weekend like what most parents do? No. 
  • We don't have a specific day for groceries shopping. Sometimes we do it at night und there are times when we do it during the day. Aber most of the time, we avoid from doing groceries on Saturday. This is due to the hypermarkets are all jammed packed with parents taking their kids for a stroll at the meat section und every other sections as well!
Spiral bamboo anyone?
The chinese must know what this is for.
Owh hey, Chineese New Year is just days away.
Husband, not celebrating? =p

  • Yes, I am totally aware of "Nobody is able to babysit their kids while they are out for groceries shopping." Maybe somebody wants to open up an AFFORDABLE und TRUSTABLE child care on weekends at hypermarkets?
  • Well, it is good for kids to tag along during groceries shopping (at least they can learn something und understand certain values) PROVIDED that parents do not leave their kids unattended!  
  • Last evening, when I was looking at some stuffs with Syahmi, a big ceramic vase behind me got hit by a ball. Two boys were playing with a ball for sale und one of them kicked the ball und accidentally hit the freakin vase. Wallaweyh~ I just couldn't imagine what if the vase falls right on me? Holiao.     
Both Vaseline lotion und Lip Ice lip balm habis pakai di Saudi
due to the cold und dry weather so Syahmi bought me
St. Ives lotion und Nivea watermelon lip balm.
Tak lupa juga mascara I iaitu Faber Castell marker pen =D
Mascara lah sangat kan~ Tangan gigil ada hati nak apply mascara sendiri.
Marker pen untuk conteng conteng muka Syahmi time dia tidur.
Muahahahahahaha =D

  • I have my own routine. I usually enter my home office by 7:30am on weekdays und start transferring und uploading photos then reading news, e-mails, etc. I don't reply to e-mails after 5pm unless urgent matters. 
  • When my niece und nephew are still in Malaysia, I had a routine of visiting them at their place every alternate Friday. 
  • I bet you lot have routines as well. The most obvious one is solat. If you have a solat routine, alhamdulillah. If you have a routine for reciting al-Quran, a double alhamdulillah for you =) 
  • Thumbs up. 

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