You Are Our Saving Grace

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

We need to constantly check on the things that we've done. Take some time to learn on how to fix problems und change to become a better person. Yeah right it is not easy to change, aber every good transition comes a reward. We don't want to miss that. Not a bit.

  • Saving grace =
    ( Christian theology ) a state of sanctification by God; the state of one who is under such divine influence. 

Alhamdulillah. The new masjid is now open for all of us.
The beauty is hidden by the orange/khaki walls. 
Alhamdulillah. Lebih kurang 3-4 saf bagi lelaki yang hadir untuk Isya' semalam di minggu yang kedua.
InsyaAllah lebih ramai lagi pada waktu akan datang. 
Ruang solat yang sangat selesa und fully air conditioned.
Syahmi shared with me, katanya RM25mil cost buat masjid ni.
Jadi semua jemput datang, kalau tak datang membazir lah bina cantik cantik mahal mahal.
  • One of my dearest sahabat, Hid left for Auckland yesterday. I managed to send her off at the airport und glad to meet her family too. They came all the way from Kuantan just to bid Hid farewell. Such lovely people.
  • Hid was my classmate aber we were not that close back in MRSM. I was always 'away' due to my responsibilities thus only got to see her during class session. 
  • We became close when I was living in England. We exchanged messages und we did speak on the phone for a few times. She was one of the first people to receive the news of me ending my 'solo' days with Syahmi. 
  • Und now is her turn to leave her home for ilmu. She was worried about her mother aber I told her that Allah s.w.t. will take care of that. By the look of her relatives, insyaAllah they will look after her beautiful mother while she's away. 
Hid, please make Doa for me und family no matter where you are.
Praying that yesterday was not our last goodbye und insyaAllah we will meet again.
If not in Malaysia during summer break, might be in NZ =D 

" Tidak seorang pun yang keluar dari rumahnya kecuali ada dua panji-panji, salah satu di antaranya berada di tangan malaikat sedang yang lainnya di tangan syaitan. Maka jika keluarnya itu untuk sesuatu urusan yang disukai Allah S.W.T, ia akan diringi oleh malaikat dengan panji-panjinya. Demikianlah ia akan selalu berada di bawah panji-panji malaikat sampai ia kembali ke rumahnya. Sebaliknya jika keluarnya itu untuk sesuatu hal yang dimurkai Allah, maka orang itu akan diiringi oleh syaitan dengan panji-panjinya. Dan demikianlah ia akan selalu di bawah panji- panji syaitan sampai ia pulang kembali ke rumahnya ".
( Riwayat Ahmad dan Tabrani )

Cilok photo from Fara D =D Hehe
All the best to Hid und Fara D. May Allah reward the both of you with goodness.
 Be great und wise lecturers alright ladies! 

  •  Oh Allah, You are our saving grace. 

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