Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Part of my work is to drive to the posto. I take it as an exercise.
Sitting hours in the office doesn't seem too good for me.
Other than posto, I can do a bit of quick groceries shopping. Yeah, kill two birds with a stone.
Ey ey check my abaya out. A gift I received from an abaya seller =D
I love the detailing on the sleeves. I will share more with you about the abaya for sale soon. 
  • Finally, yours truly got an abaya that fits her very well. Opps.. not one aber two. Alhamdulillah. Normally it will be too 'senteng' for her. She likes the simple detailing on this one. Yes, this is indeed a present from both her elder brother und sister in law.
    Jazakumullah Khayran =)
  • Years ago, I used to pay £45 to £65 (back then the rate was RM6 - £1, thus around RM270 - RM390) per piece of simple abaya (no beadings) back in England. Alright fine, I was unaware of the market price und the choice was very limited. There was no abaya souk in England for me to go und bargain. 
  • I don't think I want to spend that much on a simple abaya anymore since I now know the market value.
  • Aber now I find it very difficult to get the right size. I am not petite und I am quite tall for a Southeast Asian. Malaysian abaya sellers seem to bring in small sizes. I can't fit in those! -_- 

  • You can consider this as a teaser. InsyaAllah, collections of affordable beautiful abaya from Dubai will be available soon. 
  • =)

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