At Best

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

I always wonder what is the limit for effort. How am I suppose to know when to stop und tawakal? The answer is, when nothing can be done anymore then leave the rest to Allah s.w.t.  

While waiting for Syahmi, I ate something that was not meant to be eaten before a certain date.
In other words, I ate an ingredient for a recipe. =D
Syahmi came home und said, "Bibi please don't finish the ingredients."
I can't help it! 
  • It was at about 10:50 p.m. when a customer (stranger) came to my humble office with her husband. She was so into a bag from The Sale that she made her husband drove all the way from their home about 26km away. Such jovial couple. =)
  • Yes, she went all out just to get the bag she had been eyeing since noon! She didn't wait for tomorrow to come. I could see that she's the type who really knows what she wants. Bravo. 
  • Und yes, on the other hand, yours truly had to work extra hours last night aber nothing to complain though. Alhamdulillah. 
  • Thank you Syahmi for helping out :)
"What ever we do, we do the best.", mama.
We don't lead the same work line. I graduated as engineer just like my mom aber I decided to
pursue in other field. Non engineering related. My mom stays as an engineer und today, an expert in road safety engineering. Alhamdulillah. She reminds me on no matter who we are, we should strive for the best.
Walaupun I seorang penjual kasut with a masters in engineering degree. =)  

  • My mom is not a Dato' nor a Datin. Aber it doesn't matter to us. We were never taught to chase for titles. Und honestly, titles do not und never mean anything to me. Unless one is holding a post as Mursyid
  • Look what I found from Wikipedia:
Para mursyid dianggap golongan pewaris Nabi s.a.w. dalam bidang pentarbiah umat dan pemurnian jiwa mereka (tazkiyah an-nafs), yang mendapat izin irsyad (izin untuk memberi bimbingan kepada manusia) dari para mursyid mereka sebelum mereka, yang mana mereka juga mendapat izin irsyad dari mursyid sebelum mereka dan seterusnya, sehinggalah silsilah izin irsyad tersebut sampai kepada Rasulullah s.a.w. (tanpa terputus turutannya). Oleh itu pada kebiasaannya, ia daripada keturunan ulamak.

  • No one is able to buy that particular post with money. Und do you know what it takes to become a Mursyid? 

Para mursyid bertanggung jawab bagi mengajar dari sudut zahir (syariat) dan makna (batin). Antara ciri seseorang yang digelar mursyid adalah:-

  • Mempunyai ilmu agama yang jelas tentang perkara-perkara fardhu 'ain.
  • Dia merupakan seorang yang kamil dari sudut muamalah dengan Allah s.w.t.
  • Mendapat pengiktirafan /pengesahan dari mursyidnya (guru) yang diiktiraf (tidak putus dalam turutan pengajaran).
  • Manhaj tarbiah yang selari dengan panduan Al-Qur'an dan As-Sunnah.

  • Syahmi, I would like you to become a mursyid und a successful engineer at the same time. Can? hmm..i give you another...lets say...10 years? Enough? 
  • Take this as a challenge for yourself. Do it for Allah s.w.t. aber not for me. InsyaAllah you'll manage. 
  • =)
Don't worry. The plane is all theirs. =D
  • There is no such thing as back to the future or past. We cannot change und erase what ever had happened before. 
  • So do not sit und mourn. 
  • Lets move on! 
Happy Birthday Mama!

  • i'm sneaking into the kitchen for another choc...hehe...

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