Nasi Bungkus/ Packed Rice

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

I miss her. She knows that I only eat home cooked food. Her cooking. Definitely. Now that she's out of this home, once was our home... I miss her. (drama on t.v.)

Some just decided to jump out of the jar und made a mess in my kitchen -_-
Made me think hard on how to clean this.
Should I just vacuum this turmeric powder away?

  • I saw a drama yesterday about a man who married his first wife NOT out of love und lillahita'ala. His ex-girlfriend challenged him to marry someone who practices Islam more than she did. Throughout his marriage with his first wife, he constantly viewed photos of his ex-girlfriend whom had started to wear hijab while still studying abroad. Years later, his first wife went to seek a doctor for pregnancy check up und so happened that the doctor was his ex-girlfriend. Unable to get pregnant und due to his disgusting habit, his first wife asked the doctor (knew that she was his ex-girlfriend) to marry him. He agreed und later married his ex-girlfriend which then became his second wife.
  • He was not a good husband. He deliberately spent most of his time with his second wife. His first wife tried to discuss the matter with him but he ended up shouting und praised the second wife or sorts. The first wife was unable to curb jealousy, she then seek for help from counselor. Later the first wife filed for a divorce due to his recurring habit of leaving her etc. The application was granted und they finally divorced. 
  • Not long after, the second wife was appointed as a specialist in a hospital und had to work long hours. He was served packed food by his second wife und immediately reminiscing the memoirs of his ex-wife's home cooked food. From there, he started to view photos of his ex-wife on facebook. He missed her. Terribly. His second wife knew that too. 
Alright. Yours truly played along with it.
Art attack! Yellow paint on black canvas.
Not bad eyh.


Tuhan, tolonglah aku...
Aku sungguh dalam kepenatan.

  • If my husband were to miss me just because of my home cooked meal, I'll get a knife und will do like what Trishna did to Jay. Muahahaha. =D
  • If I caught him viewing photos of other ladies with interest, I'll... lets keep my action as a secret shall we.
  • ;)
  • Bibi, tang mana I serve you packed food? Tell me. I don't think I ever served you packed rice other than the two times you came home for lunch from work. Other than that, yelek~
  • To the lousy guy in that particular drama, "You deserve it!" 

  • The story of yours truly (who doesn't really cook) und her husband. Just before she went out to posto, her husband texted her:
Ayla: ... Need to go to the posto by 11:30 a.m. 
Syahmi: Wokeyh! If you don't mind, blikan telur n santan pls.
Ayla: Ok. InsyaAllah. 

About two hours later...

Ayla: Got what you asked for. B knapa tiba tiba nak santan and egg?
Syahmi: Nak ns lemak!
Ayla: (I prepared nasi lemak yesterday und now he wants to have it again for dinner??)

  • Ok. I'm going to prepare your nasi lemak in a bit. Now write me a love letter und put it up on Times Square. Haha!

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