No Rotten Apple

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

I was driving to 'posto' when I heard this on the radio: "Wanita Besi". Other than Khadijah, Maryam, Asma', Sumayyah, Hajar, und other ladies who had sacrificed for Islam, for me, my mama is one of the "Wanita Besi". 

After Subuh, before looking for Krispy Kreme =D

  • Before I went home from posto, I dropped by at a tailor shop. The door was wide opened aber nobody was in. I searched for a phone number und found two numbers printed on their bunting. 
  • I chose to ring the owner (I assume she's the owner as the name of the shop is equivalent to hers):
Ayla: Hello ni Fatin Tailor ke?
Fatin: Ya .. (sounded like she just woke up from a nap)
Ayla: Saya nak hantar baju ni, kedai buka tapi tiada orang.
Fatin: Ada hal dekat luar (ok now I sort of heard children's making noises on her side)
Ayla: Oh. Jadi bila nak sampai?
Fatin: Tengah hari nanti (mind you, the time was approx 10:45 a.m. when I called)
Ayla: Tengah hari?!
Fatin: Ya. Nanti tengah hari sikit lah ya. 
Ayla: Oh ok (not that I have the will to drive out again to her tailor shop) 

  • I could have assumed lots of things about this lady. I saw her tailoring charges are way cheaper that what I used to pay, hence the 'stopped by'. 
  • Aber I guess she had to care for her kids in the morning oder trying to become a "Wanita Besi" oder she might just doing her part.
  • Not everyone is born with silver spoon in his/her mouth. To realize that und work the way up is an excellent thing to do other than sitting down doing nothing und waiting for others to help. 
  • It doesn't matter on how little one makes, as long as one works for Allah s.w.t. in the most right manner, the rest will be 'topped up' by Him in ways we can't imagine. 
Syahmi performing Saei. 

  • I too want to be a "Wanita Besi". Aber I don't want my effort to go to waste. I want to learn on how to become one und achieving His rahmat und blessings. 
  • I don't want to be the rotten apple that spoils the barrel. 

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