Toksah Hairan Jika Tak Heran

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

I will not allow myself to fall hard on the ground und so do you!

Seeing my plants grow beautifully really makes me happy =)
Pumpkin. No one with yard wants to take this plant home so I have to
continue growing this in a pot. Bagus juga, now kalau orang nak, I tidak mau kasi
sebab sudah jatuh hati =) 

  • Bapak dan suami aku berkata aku cengeng. Bila aku pikir balik, aku bukan suka menangis pun tapi keadaan memaksa untuk aku nangis. Aku nangis sepenuh hati. Tapi Dr. Zukkifli Al-Bakri cakap orang yang sentiasa menangis kerana ingatkan Tuhan, itu ialah orang yang beriman. Hehehe. Jap jap jap, tapi aku nangis sebab apa? Sebab Tuhan ke sebab lain? Kau kalau nak beriman, jangan bagi tahu orang. Haha. TIDAK. Perjalanan aku masih jauh lagi. Entah sampai ndak mendapat Syurga Allah s.w.t. Itu semua tidak pasti buat aku. 
One of my favorites. =)
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  • I know how difficult it is to always be on top. Reaching und sustaining are two different words aber very difficult to go through. If we decide to stop in the middle of the stairs, those who are running on the same stairs will push us aside. We soon will fall hard on the ground. 
  • Unless, we keep our loved ones with us through out the journey. Whenever we feel like giving up climbing, there is always someone to remind us on how important it is to move on und the reward that is waiting for us at the top. 
  • I am not speaking of making money. 
  • I do not like to speak about making money. Do not ask me why. 
  • Und I am not the type who would pay hundreds of ringgit just to listen to motivational talks about making money.  
Siapa nak? I beri free. =)

  • Don't be the bane of our own lives. We have the power to control our minds aber we are not able to control others'. So do not be devastated if others try to pull us down. We know that they have nothing else better to do und they are indeed wasting their own time. 
  • We will be asked aber Allah s.w.t. will definitely ask why do they did such things to us while in Dunya. They will definitely tremble und fear for the consequences. 

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