Educating Kinder

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

And Noah's people, when they denied the messengers, We drowned them and made of them a sign of mankind. We have prepared a painful doom for evildoers. - Al-Furqan : 37

  • I used to ask why people do silly und cruel things to other people. Reading about a boy (about 6-7 year-old) who was sodomized by his caretaker in an institution made me want to throw up. Mental! 
  • My imaginations are not for those nasty things. For me to picture the condition of that poor boy is just too hurtful. Mental!
  • Super mental!

May Allah s.w.t. protect you und your sister from any harm.
Albanna now looks like a yakuza with his new hairstyle. 

  • How are we going to educate children about these things? 
  • How are we going to tell them that such und such is bad und they should avoid it?
  • Scream? Shout for help?
  • How can we make children report to other adults whenever they are sexually abused? 
  • I'm going to share this issue with Lovely Life oder perhaps Lovely Parents. It is good if they can come up with events oder activities on this matter. InsyaAllah. 

  • Yes, other than nurturing our kids the Islamic way, we should also know on how to tackle the negative unwanted bits. Nauzubillahiminzalik. 

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