Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

If I were to sell hijab, I want to sell to wanita UMNO. But first I need to make "friends" with them so that they do not need to open tender. They can just bring me in instead. You wanna know why? This is what we call cronyism. Und I guess selling gold und diamonds to them is a brilliant idea too! 

  • My right hand has been doing more bad than good. I know that. I pray for constant improvements und may Allah s.w.t. guides me. I don't fancy making complaints as I know it is quite unfair und everyone has their own story. 
Sabda Nabi s.a.w.: “Barang siapa memperbanyak istighfar maka Allah s.w.t akan menghapuskan segala kedukaannya, menyelesaikan segala masalahnya dan memberinya rezeki dari arah yang tidak disangka.” (Riwayat Ahmad,Abu Daud, an-Nasa’i, Ibnu Majah dan al-Hakim dari Abdullah bin Abbas r.a.)

  • It is not easy to keep calm when one is in anger. I have been trying to keep quiet when ever I don't feel at ease aber last Friday a lady in Majlis Perbandaran Sepang, MPS was so rude to us. Und that made me feel like slapping her painted face. 
  • Syahmi received a compound ticket that he needed to pay before a certain date. So he took half day off just to settle the compound at MPS in Cyberjaya. We arrived before 5pm as the stated opening hours was from can't remember to 5pm. Yes, we arrived slightly before 4:30pm. We got up to the counter und :
Ayla: Press the button (for number).
Syahmi: Dah. Tak keluar. 
Guy A: Dah 4:30pm. Counter tutup.
Ayla & Syahmi: (What?!)

It was 4:30pm on the dot.

Ayla: This can't be. (so I walked to a lady with no customer.)
Lady R: Ya puan? Counter tutup pukul 4:30pm.
Ayla: What do you mean tutup pukul 4:30pm? Dalam surat tulis 5:00pm
Lady R: (she smirked und shook her head trying to tell me that I'm wrong) Tak. Tak. Baca dekat luar tu, dekat sana tu semua tertulis tutup pukul 4:30pm.
Ayla: Saya yang terima surat dan tertulis 5:00pm.
Lady R: Pergi counter 10. Tulis nama dan buat bayaran di sana. 

Kalau dari awal suruh pergi counter 10 kan senang. Jangan malas!

  • Pergh. Whenever I'm talking, my husband will always remain silent. It is better that way. If both of us talk, situation will be more tensed. 
  • Do we really need to travel kilometers just to read their bunting that they put outside their office, stating they close at 4:30pm? But why did they print 5:00pm at the back of the ticket?? Alright that was not the main thing that got me angry. The way she smirked, spoke und denied my statement were three main reasons on why I feel like punching her mouth. 
  • Cakap elok-elok tak boleh ke? Kami datang dari jauh tapi bukan ceruk macam office you, kami masih boleh tanya elok-elok, jangan you bagi alasan datang bulan. Tak valid. 
  • Ha kan now I dah komplen. Cit!
  • This is a reminder to all of us too. Do not sound cocky, or being rude to other people. Think before we speak und control ourselves. May Allah guide us all. insyaAllah. 

Karpel syndrom. (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome)
Ayla: Assalamualaikum b. My right wrist is hurting me. Lenguh-lenguh.
Syahmi: Ini semua salah Anwar Ibrahim.
Ayla: Betul tu. Kalau I lapar, salah siapa pula?
Syahmi: Salah I. T_T

  • Please excuse my husband. Nano nano early morning pula dia. We all know that Anwar Ibrahim has got nothing to do with me having carpal tunnel syndrome.  
  • Jom makan!

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