It's Time

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Once my bucket is full, tchuss. 

Home is in a mess. I made them. I'm not going to pick anything up. Not today. Who cares.
My husband? I don't know. Go und ask him. Again, I'm not going
to clean my own mess. Can? .

Can I have more of this please. Husband und step father did a very great job at BBQ-ing. More please.
Danke schon. 

No one likes to clean you Mr. Char Broil. 

Home made ice cream cake by husband und yours truly for mama.
Don't ask for the ingredients. Just chuck in junk you like.  

Albanna, my little hero. Thank you for visiting your Aunt Ayla und Uncle Syahmi.
Will miss you und Alayoubi too. xoxo
Musicians. According to Alayoubi, "Excellent-te!" 

  • I'm feeling too old today. 

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