Late Night

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Every soul will taste of death. Then to Us you will be returned. Al-Quran (29:57)

At 11pm plus, still lots of cars on the highway.
I guess people really do work til late night just to make a living.
Allahul Musta'an. 

  • Back in England, my husband did not need a P.A. (personal assistant) for his voluntary job. I just sent him to the door und he walked alone in the cold to his meeting place. Aber since the end of year 2012, I was hired to be his P.A.
  • My job scope is just to be with him / around him at all times. Und due to that, sometimes people mistaken me to be part of the discussion team. 
  • They even expect feedbacks from me. 
  • T_T 
  • Indeed a true story. 

I've been using this copy of Al-Quran for English translation.
Received this for free at Uni. Southampton during Islamic Awareness Week if I'm not mistaken. 

  • Aber I realized that my job scope has widen a bit. I helped Syahmi to read sign boards und give directions. Yes, when I'm with him, he doesn't even read the "NO Entry" sign. 
Ayla: Bibi not left.
Syahmi: Oh cannot eh?
Ayla: Bibi, can't you see the "No Entry" thinggy?
Syahmi: Oh..
  • That bad =)
Ayla: Bibi, I need a raise. (due to being his P.A. on weekends und at late night)  
Syahmi: mm... ok... 
Ayla: (joke! =p)

  • I work during the day to avoid from being bored und at the same time, helping Syahmi to pay a bit of this und that. Definitely not working for a Maserati, no. I have long changed my priority. Thanks to my mama, mama's TKC friends, und my sahabat(s) for you lot have helped me to see the world differently. Aber if the Maserati comes knocking on my door, I'll accept it wholeheartedly y'all =).
  • I do have meetings with Lovey Life, well at least once a month. Oh oh speaking of Lovely Life, we need 3 volunteers to care for kids age 1 to 10 year old on 28th April 2013 (if und only if GE13 doesn't fall on 27th April). Fancy to be one of Lovely Life volunteers? Please send me an e-mail at: lovelylife4moms[at]
  • Und due to the coming general election, it is quite difficult for us to get hold of a date for our upcoming event. Thank you BN for the late 'surprises'! -_-
One of my favorite soft toys. The Annoying Thing.
Syahmi got this for me at a funfair back in Southampton. 

  • Since I always reserve my nights und weekends to be with Syahmi ie. avoid from having meetings oder working at these hours, I don't have any reasons to not be my husband's P.A.
  • Und due to that, Bibi, more games need to be installed in your tab! 
  • =D
  • May Allah bless us all. 

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