Masalah Pun Ok

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

We all know that nothing comes easy. No matter where we work, there is always something that bothers us. Running an online business from home is not as easy as it seems. For I am forced to leave my English fiction on the couch, for a few hours. 

  • I had a good one point five hours reading my English novel this morning. Well I did pause for loo, banana, milk und Duha. If today is tomorrow, I may have continued sitting comfortably on my reading couch, Lippan right next to the window where I can feel the cool morning breeze. Yes husband, I now have a new name for one of our couches. 
  • Dirty clothes are now swimming in the washing machine. I added extra detergent today because I felt like doing so. Oh und I just added Comfort into the softener compartment, hoping that it "softens" the clothes und leave beautiful "fragrant" on them.
  • I love beautiful fragrance. Sweet smell. Scent of roses, flowers aber NOT lavender. Lavender reminds me of, WC. Yes, water closet. Maybe I am so used to having lavender scent in previous bathrooms und toilets. 
The first thing she looked for after school, her bike.
This is your granddaughter riding her bike
oh Tok Abah, Nenek, Tok Mama, Tok Kuantan, Tok Wan und Atok Kuantan.
    • I don't need to cook anything for lunch as leftovers are calling me to pick them up from the refrigerator. "Pick me~ Eat me~...". Before husband left for work:-
    Syahmi: Bibi, nanti can you please makan cereal?
    Ayla: Why? Any specific reason?
    Syahmi: Just because I tak dapat makan today. 
    Ayla: Why?
    Syahmi: Tak sempat. 

    • Und I did. Went to the kitchen und poured the last bits of Post Pecan Yadayada cereal into a drinking glass. Read, drinking glass. I was too lazy to take a bowl out of the kitchen cabinet und I decided to have my breakfast from a dainty drinking glass that was previously used to drink water.
    • Silly. 
    • I took a few seconds und observed the cereal in my glass, closely. Alright I spotted one, two, three, four, seven, eleven, et cetera .... ants. I didn't have the heart to let myself swallow ants und their bits so I picked pecans out of the glass, ate them und chucked the rest in the bin.
    • I ended up having dark chocolate biscuits with vanilla filling, milk und banana for breakfast. 
    • Settled. 
    I love her hair, her smile und everything else.
    Hey, Jumirah moyang Aunty Ayla ok~ Your great great grandmother. 

    • I chose to be less energetic today. I want to spend less time on the computer. Like my elder brother, Mr. Josey advised me, "Stay easy from computers dik."  Got to take care of my wrists und eyes eyh. No one is taking care of my body parts for me. Ermm except for you know who.
    • Dik. Yes, I am an adik. My younger brother came 5 years after me so the "Adik" remains with me even though I have an adik. Well, that doesn't matter. He is indeed happy to be called Ajim oder Jim. Short und simple. As long as not Jin.
    • My niece used to call him without the 'uncle'. She would repeatedly said, "Ajim.. =) Ajeem..=)". Cheeky girl. She loves to tease us. 
    • My niece, Alayoubi und I have a secret line. Only the both of us know what it stands for. Everytime I start the first word of the sentence, she just know when to jump in und complete that particular sentence. As always, we will end up laughing at each other.
    • Bliss. 
    • We tried to teach Albanna the secret line, aber he ended up mixing the two words together on purpose. Und the three of us laughed out loud. Another cheeky munchkin. 
    • Bliss.
    Yakuza sleeping.
    You don't want to wake him up. He bites.

    • I am missing the kids. Syahmi too, I guess. He did ask for Albanna yesterday. 
    • Love.



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