Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Alhamdulillah it's Friday. Und Saturday is about to come in a few minutes time. 

  • I am always nervous when strangers decide to come to the house to view handbags. Not that I don't welcome them aber I really don't welcome CULPRITS, BURGLARS und yang sewaktu dengannya. 
  • Everytime when strangers text asking to come over, I'll consult my husband und make endless prayer to Allah s.w.t. I just don't want them to come with santau, pantau, mantera, weapons und etc. trying to take over our home. Nauzubillahiminzalik. 
  • Allahul Musta'an. 

  • Before the year 2013, I did not welcome strangers to view bags at home since I was living with my parents in their home. 
  • Und the fact that I followed my sister in law to pick up something she bought from a stranger at the stranger's home, in a way it helped me to relax a bit. 
  • I do understand that Malaysians are still in the learning phase of online shopping. From my rough calculation, I guess 90% is still skeptical over online shopping. This is due to those penipu yang makan duit orang lain lepas itu tidak mail atau deliver barang yang orang beli. Pergh!
  • Aber one thing for sure, I only let strangers (lady) to view handbags when ever my husband is at home. NOT WHEN I'M ALONE. 
  • Friends und family are still welcome to come over at anytime pun ;-) Jangan khuatir und segan!

  • If I were to have a shop somewhere, that will definitely defeat the purpose of working from home, no? 
  • Yeah yeah yeah, some of you will suggest me to hire someone to look after it yada yada yada aber still, mana senang duduk wo bila orang lain jaga business kita. 

  • As of now, I will still limit the number of strangers coming in und out of my home. Yes, not that I'm being selfish oder rude aber it is all about safety. SAFETY. 
  • Allahul Musta'an. 

  • Once dah kenal und dah become friends, nak datang selalu pun boleh! =D
  • Oppss! Husband is nearly home. Got to go. Tchuss~

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