Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Anything is possible. You und I know that. A dog may speak the words of human with Allah's will. Kun Fa Ya Kun. Just don't argue. 

  • Last evening, I attended a session with Khalid Samad und Yaakop Sapari by the pool. Wind blew gently, with bright stars twinkling in the sky, it was really a 'santai' session. 
  • Yes, there were moments when I felt like jumping into the pool, swimming whilst listening to their explanations. 
  • Well, not that I will vote in Shah Alam. Aber I want to know who these people are. 
  • Khalid Samad, calon PAS for Parlimen Shah Alam.
  • Yaakop Sapari, calon PKR for DUN Kota Anggerik. 

  • I was only about 4 feet away from Yaakop Sapari. Our eyes met. I wanted him to know that I do care about who represents the community, so I stared right into his eyes. Aber when he asked, "Any questions dari anak muda?" I kept quiet. 
  • Yes, I realized that only Syahmi und I were the only anak muda left towards the end. 
  • I didn't know what to ask as I already heard Khalid Samad explained about public transport und free water 'crisis' at our place. Thumbs down to Syabas for making our lives a little bit different than the majority. Yes, we still need to pay for the first 20 cubic meters of water. Kesyian eyh?
  • I am glad that I am not the daughter of any tycoons in the world. If I am, I don't think I will be bothered with all these wakil rakyat etc. I might be living in Spain instead!
  • My husband knew that I am meticulous. I don't do things just because they need to be done. Aber I will try to get them sort out as "perfect" as possible. There are three reasons on why I do care about having great representatives und leaders:
  1. Islam
  2. I would like to nurture my kid(s) (with Allah's will) in a positive environment.
  3. Equal chances for others too.
  • I will go out und vote. InsyaAllah. 
  • Und du? (And you?)
  • To my husband, I need a break after 5th May 2013.

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