Small Things, Big Impact

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Sending Syahmi at the door before he left for his voluntary work after Isya':-
Ayla: Drive safely. Take care b. 
Syahmi: Ok. Bibi doakan I, moga apa yang I buat ni diterima Allah. 
Ayla: InsyaAllah diterima. You doakan I und kita juga ok.
Syahmi: Ok.

Still at home aber all set for school!
Alayoubi with her pink bag. 

  • Indeed. Doa ikhlas is a powerful tool for Muslims. Once we have done our best, make Doa und leave the rest to Allah Azzawajalla. Leave the thing that is beyond our control to Allah s.w.t. For that we will feel at ease und redha to all circumstances. 
  • Before I started to laze around after Maghrib, Syahmi told me that it was alright for him to drive on his own. Ok I thought. So I let myself be comfortable with the book in my hand. 
After reciting surah Al-Baqarah together in our bedroom:-
Syahmi: Bibi, jom duduk luar.
Ayla: Ok. Jom (sambil siap-siap angkat book to bring to the front)
Syahmi: Ke bibi nak baca book here?
Ayla: Boleh juga. But if you want to sit sana I bawa book sana.
Syahmi: You baca book when I'm not around lah :)
Ayla: Haha =D Ok.

  • Nowadays we have like less than 3 hours to 'be with' each other (tolak waktu tidur). So my attention must not be divided between him und the book. Haha =D
  • As much as ladies want to have a playroom at their offices for their kids to play in while they are at work, Syahmi suddenly voiced out, "Bagus kan kalau ada tempat you boleh relax dekat sana while I kerja." Und I said, "Just spare me a small room. I'll bring my own book und read =)". Then he said, "Kannn."
  • Good idea eyh? Haha.
  • Hidup berdua memang begini agaknya. Bukan berkepit tetapi saling memerlukan. Bukan lah bila ada anak sudah tidak saling memerlukan. Don't get me wrong. Bila ada anak pinak, I wonder whether Syahmi wants all of us to tag along or not. Hehe. Funny husband of mine ;)
  • But my elder brother, Mr. Josey will definitely bring his wife und kids together. Such a family man. Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah. 
Albanna the yakuza.
I wonder what does he feel when he is at home without his sister.
No one to bite. Hahaha.

  • Yes, yesterday was Alayoubi's first day at school. She was left by her parents in the morning und at about 12:30pm local time, Mr. Josey went with Albanna to fetch Alayoubi home. She ended up dozing off in her little brother's stroller while the brother took the responsibility to carry her PINK back pack home. What a good brother. 
  • I once asked Albanna to hold my handbag while I pushed him in his stroller. He did with full determination, making sure that the bag didn't fall off his lap. So cute :-)
Exhausted. Albanna was in charged of his sister's school bag.
Hehe =D Yakuza with pink bag?! Lovable.

  • A few hours later, she requested to have a video call with me. Since the time difference between Malaysia und Dubai is not that bad, we managed to have a long video chat via skype. 
Alayoubi: Aunty Ayla, school Iya tu kan ada ramai orang. Eh ada ramai budak budak kat school tu....
Ayla: Alright. Then what did you do? Painting?
Alayoubi: Tak. Iya tak bawa pencil.
Ayla: Teacher tak bagi pencil?
Alayoubi: Tak. 
Ayla: (Apa ke hal pula teacher tak bagi pencil?? School apa ni..haha. Mula lah Aunty Ayla ni rasa nak marah teacher =p ) So tomorrow nanti, siapa hantar Iya pergi sekolah? Mama?
Alayoubi: Mama. Dengan kereta.
Ayla: Owh dengan kereta. Kalau tidak Iya kena jalan kaki eh?
Alayoubi: A'ah. Kalau jalan kaki nanti Iya malas. Iya naik kereta lah. 
Ayla: (dalam hati gelak besar you)

  • Alayoubi knows what MALAS is. Hahahahahha. So direct one lah this girl (ok sounds so Chinese =p. Suka la tu husband I kalau cina cina ni. Hahaha.)
  • Alright. Enough of me typing/talking. Enjoy the two videos below. Low quality so that her Tok Abah und Uncle Ajim can view videos of her on their respective iPhones. 


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