Smelly Cat

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Things that I'm about to write have something to do with our community. So do not get mad und do not blame anyone else. Lets just look at ourselves und try to change what's bad. I myself have a lot to learn und change. 

I finally found these little edible stones in KLIA. =D
Don't have to wait for my next trip to Madinah to get hold of these stones.

  • I am not a politician und I am not a citizen who tries not to bother about politics. I was once, aber since the year 2010, I decided to read und take part, if not a lot, a little. It all started with a simple question that I asked myself, "Is it ethical for me to blame others if I myself do not participate in choosing for the right leader when I should?"
  • I then read about the importance of working for Islam und one of the things mentioned; One cannot take out Islam from politics so choose the best man amongst us for a leader.

I miss receiving parcel und surprises. My mom in law used to mail
"Malay" food for us when we were in England. The must have, budu!
So, anyone wants to mail me a surprise parcel? =D

Yes yes yes. I may not able to speak in/with Kelantanese dialect
aber I do like to eat budu =) Oh please don't tell me that budu is not
halal und toiyyiba... =(

  • Indeed, my facebook newsfeed is full of personal opinions about the governments, political parties und elections. A few opinions such as:
  1. Tak suka lah kutuk sana kutuk sini. Ni yang malas nak campur politik ni.
  2. Semua politicians sama saja. Kalau itu ini menang, negara camtu gak.
  3. Apa nak jadi-jadilah. Aku tak ambil port pasal ngundi ni.
  4. etc.
  • I do agree that the cyber troopers oder those who are hired to kutuk sana sini should stop doing so. It is so immature und it shows the mentality of some Malaysians are still way behind. If we want to become a developed country, we should first develop our mentality. How can you expect a Malaysian to cook bolognese if he/she thinks eating noodle with tomato sauce is pathetic? 
  • I am not going to make comments about the "rants/ranting(s)" made by some people. Do they really believe that if we rule this country with Islam, this country will remain as it is today? Like seriously?
  • I believe that if we put Allah s.w.t. first, the rest will come easy together with His blessings. 
  • I'm not asking you to vote for any specific political party. Aber I urge you lot to be part of Malaysia, care about who is leading und who will lead in the near future. If not for us, for our children und family. 

Yes, yours truly should be on holiday today as it is Friday. Aber a lot to do due to the a week break when the munchkins were here. I miss them so much. May Allah s.w.t. make it easy for us to be with each other again. 

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