Thorns & Life At 40

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Don't be afraid. 
Don't be afraid. 
As things happen to strengthen your relationship with the Creator, Allah s.w.t.
Don't be afraid.

  • Last week I had to send my parents to the airport for them to catch their flight for a little escapade. Yes, that would be my third time 'visiting' the airport this month. If you want to know where the surau, the makan place, banks, atm, etc. you can definitely ask me. The airport is like my third home. Bahahaha. 
  • I even had to send und fetch my husband from his voluntary work. Sometimes in the evening und last til late night, sometimes early in the morning until noon. I told him that I am unable to do what he does at the moment aber the least I could do is to drive him to places. 
  • Bak kata orang Jawa, supir. 
  • Which I did und expecting more to come. 
Bibi do you remember this?
I know that everyone makes mistakes aber that is not an excuse for us to
keep on doing negative things. If we want to change in the name of Allah s.w.t.,
insyaAllah He will guide us all the way. Allahul Musta'an.
Lets keep on doing this together.
Jaga solat. Jaga hati. Jaga lisan. Jaga pandangan. Jaga adab. Jaga fikiran. Jaga Duha.

  • Whenever he does visiting und sharing session, he would like me to tag along. At first I felt awkward und had nothing to do. Bak kata bapak, "Bikin sibuk." I did ask Syahmi und why he wants me to be with him where ever he is. He then replied, "For inspiration ;)".
  • Aber I slowly improved und started with enhancing my motor skills by playing 'throwing und catching a piece of crumpled paper'. I threw the paper as high as I could und tried to catch it with both of my hands. Little did I know that my husband was watching me from behind the curtains. I thought he conducted a sharing session outside the building!
  • On occasions when I didn't bring anything else other than my purse und 'dying' mobile, I tried to read the al-Mathurat aber I ended up falling into la la land. Hahahaha. =D That normally happens during after Asar when I just feel like resting. 
  • But anyway, so yesterday I brought a book together with me und glad that there were another two ladies in that female section. I went up to check on my husband, twice. Aber suddenly I heard, "Bibi" from behind the curtains. 
  • Terkejut akak you olss! I gathered up my things und dashed to the curtain. There, stood a guy who loves me, not with a Maserati aber with a smile. Cair you!
Masjidil Haram.
Lets not wait for a visit to Mekah to change. We can make Doa where ever we are.
According to certain hadith memang ada certain spots yang
Doa terus dimakbulkan di Tanah Haram.
Aber Allah s.w.t. Maha Adil und Maha penyayang. Dia juga akan memakbulkan
doa kita walau dimana sahaja kita berada. Provided that kita sungguh-sungguh dan ikhlas
memohon dari-Nya. InsyaAllah. 

  • I am far from becoming Khadijah who sent food to her husband, Rasulullah s.a.w. who was then up in Gua Hira, Jabal Nur. Und I am no where closer in becoming Hajar, who were so determined und didn't give up in life. 
  • I'm hoping that I can be better each day, for one day I would like to share with Rasulullah s.a.w. the things I did to my husband, parents, etc. und how I tried so hard to go through beds of thorns und become the obedient one. 
  • insyaAllah. 
  • I am not letting my life to begin at forty. 

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