Hold On To It

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

I used to find Tony Stark as an arrogant man in previous movies aber this time, he's more like a clown. 

An apple for breakfast? hohoho. I myself am using Lolita Lempicka.
Spray bila stress working. Spray juga bila kedengaran suami rings our home doorbell.

  • You know how annoying it is when we say one thing und the other person listens with his/her elbow und doesn't even try to digest our words then condemns whole heartedly und ends up saying a different thing. That is the problem when one limits the usage of his/her brain. 
  • I's funny though, millions of people know the "think outside the box" line aber do not know what it actually means. When you wear sleeveless knee length dress with hijab covering your hair, that does not show that you're thinking outside the box. 
  • I believe that intelligence is affected by a few factors. So I googled und found some points from Discovery's web. I'm not sure whether these factors are correct oder not aber they do make sense though.
Exposure to the toxins in cigarette smoke -- while in the womb and throughout a lifetime -- is known to lower our intelligence quotient, decreasing IQ scores by more than seven points when compared to individuals who aren't exposed to cigarette smoke [source: American Friends of Tel Aviv University]. Such environmental factors are thought to influence our intelligence levels throughout our lives.

5 Factors That Affect Human Intelligence

  1. Environment
  2. Birth order
  3. Nurture
  4. Early nutrition
  5. Nature 

Alayoubi was ill so she didn't get to join her friends swimming.
It's alright big girl. Get well soon love.
She said, "Nanti Iya nak masuk empat tahun dah."
Yes, she'll turn four this 22nd May. Yeehaa!
  • I had a conversation with my husband about brains sometime last week:
Syahmi: I always wonder whether orang yang underwent brain surgery tu, dia ada hilang memory or tak. How exactly is memory stored in our brains? Macam computer ke, storage space yang tangible?
Ayla: Haaa... I guess ada parts of the memory yang lost kot if one kena operate brain sebab all those brain connecting tissues (or whatever they are called) tu macam tak akan jadi normal like before operation kan. I don't really know but akal is not tangible right? Akal is more like soul, no? We can't see it.
Syahmi: Tu lah.. we cannot see the mind dalam brain...

In order to adequately define mental dysfunctions, we must specify both the type and degree of alterations in mental functions and their underlying brain dysfunctions. Alterations in any of these functions can contribute to mental dysfunction and disease, including an altered experience of a coherent individual “self” and agency (e. g., in schizophrenia), impaired rational decision making (e. g., in lifestyle choices leading to addiction, obesity, etc.), and disturbed emotional well-being (e.g., in depression). -Editorial by Felix Bermpohl and Stephan Brandt, faculty members of the Berlin School of Mind and Brain
Going home already? Your adik must be waiting for you.
I wonder apa reaction Albanna when dia nampak sister dia masuk main door.
Abang please capture that moment. Thanks. 

  • Ok now pressure nak jadi intelligent. Haha. Ke umur macam gini dah lewat? -_- 
  • Embrace the gift of akal. Life in Dunya is a constant test. Aber Paradise is the reward und Hell is the punishment. 
  • If we use our brains to manipulate others und go against Allah s.w.t., we are so rugi.
  • Rugi. 


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