Honk Honk How?

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

"Honk Honk!". Alright. A new model CRV parked right behind the car I was in. After honking twice oder thrice und a Chinese (non-muslim I suppose) KIA lady waved telling me that was not her car, I waited for another 10-15 minutes. Then came out a Malay Muslim lady with a big (empty) box from Poslaju center, with little oder no sense of urgency. Istighfar. 

  • Yes, yours truly got up und after her beauty regime (which is to wash her face with tap water =p), she went into the kitchen to wash her 5 year-old kettle. 
  • We usually call tap water in England 'hard water'. That's due to the high in magnesiums/calcium or something else that caused white sediments at the bottom of my kettle. So I bought a bottle of Kettle Washing Liquid which I boiled together with water in the kettle. After boiling once, there was no more white sediments in my kettle! Wahlaw. 
  • Since I do not have any special kettle washing liquid, I used vinegar instead. So I boiled vinegar together with water in the kettle. I couldn't really see the difference since there was no white sediments in my kettle aber I believe my kettle is cleaner than before. 
  • Haha. You main believe believe saja kann.... Suka.
  • So, how do you clean your kettle? Check check check.
  • Or perhaps I should just boil acid without water, no?


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